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Instagram Tracker Apps

If you’ve already purchased a cell phone for your kid, chances are they want to join Instagram or are currently active there. Instagram, on the other hand, may pose threats to your children and teenagers. Some of the information may be inappropriate for teenagers, and such access may be harmful to your children’s wellbeing. Cybercriminals masquerading as friends or followers may also attempt to prey on teens online. Aside from children, you may be curious about what your spouse is up to. If you want to see someone’s Instagram activity, we will explain to you how to track someone on Instagram in the following sections. 

Can You Track an Instagram Account?

Monitoring another individual’s internet behavior might be an excellent answer if you want to keep someone out of trouble. This post will teach you how to see someone’s Instagram activity without them knowing.

It is feasible to track someone’s Instagram without entering their account. There is no need for magic: simply install a phone tracker app on the target user’s phone.

An Instagram activity tracker app may provide you with total access to another person’s digital life. It logs every smartphone activity and uploads Instagram activity log files to your user dashboard. This implies you may go through records of their Instagram activity at any moment.

Another approach to examining someone’s Instagram activity is to go directly to their account. You can log in to the target person’s Instagram account if you have a solid relationship with them and their consent.

It should be noted that you cannot do it for enjoyment and must have a serious motive for doing so.

How Do Instagram Activity Trackers Work? 

Different Instagram activity trackers have different features and are built in various ways. The major goal of such tools, however, is to surreptitiously monitor activities on Instagram profiles. We may use the app to spy on our partner’s phone or to learn more about our child’s activities. Employers also utilize spy software to track their employees’ movements.

Nobody would notice if someone were spying on them because they normally operate in the background with little warning.

Now, how can you see someone’s activity on Instagram? You don’t need to physically access an iOS device to monitor it when using an Instagram activity tracker. First, download the app to your mobile device and set up an account. Then, in settings, provide information regarding your target device, such as iCloud credentials and, if required, the code or Serial number. It will let you see all Instagram actions, read SMS, check call history, show messages in messenger, and track the device’s position.

If your target device is Android-compatible, you may require one-time access to install the app before you begin monitoring from your own smartphone.

Best Instagram Tracker Apps

Today, the market is flooded with Instagram tracking apps for both Android and iOS devices. As a result, it becomes quite challenging for users to choose a tracker app that will meet their needs. For this reason, we have done the homework for you. We have tested and assessed various apps and chosen the best IG tracker app options. You can choose any to help you track Instagram activity on the target device. 

How to Track an Instagram Account Using uMobix

uMobix has outstanding features that make it among the top Instagram tracking apps for couples and parents. The uMobix dashboard displays all device information as expanded reports. You will be able to track Instagram activity of the target device from your uMobix dashboard. 

It makes no difference if the targeted device is Android or iOS compatible; this spy program can assist you with either. This surveillance app is fantastic since the firm has always been one step ahead of the competition in terms of functionality. The following are key qualities of uMobix, which is among the best Instagram tracking apps:

  • Social network activity, including activity on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat tracker
  • Keylogging for password access
  • Tracks contacts, multimedia files, messages, and website browser history
  • Each text is timestamped to make it easier to discover each topic of conversation

Here are the main features, you can check out the full list in the detailed uMobix review.

  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably priced
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • There is no free trial version

How to See Other’s Activity on Instagram with Glassagram

This is an excellent spy tool to track someone’s activity on Instagram. You will be given all of the necessary information regarding the desired Instagram profile. 

Glassagram uses screenshots to track all Instagram activity and help you see someone’s IG activity. This implies that Glassagram will snap a screenshot of the target person’s online activity every time they access the Instagram app. Features include:

  • Story Viewer – You may covertly see the target person’s Instagram story or the stories they are viewing on someone else’s profile.
  • Video and Reels Viewer – You can remotely see what movies or reels your kids are watching.
  • DM Tracker – Spy on Instagram’s direct messages. 
  • Like Viewer – You can see who they follow on Instagram. 
  • Location tracker – With Glassagram’s Instagram location tracker, you can see where they are.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Available in both free and paid plans
  • You won’t miss any Instagram activity on the target device
  • The premium plan is quite pricey, but the features are incredible

How to Check Someone’s Activity on Instagram with mSpy

mSpy makes it simple for its users to view the messages and other information exchanged over Instagram from your targeted device. You don’t even need to have access to the device.

If you want to monitor Instagram activity on an Android phone, you must first install the Instagram app on it. This would necessitate you to access the smartphone once to install the malware. Later, you only need to utilize your dashboard to remotely verify the data logs.

mSpy Instagram hacker does more than simply monitor Instagram activity. It is, however, far more than that. It also enables you to accomplish a variety of things. It allows you to maintain a close eye on the targeted device. Additional features to keep your children safe are:

  • The Instagram tracker app for Android stays undetected
  • Tracking, monitoring, and geofencing services
  • It’s rather expensive

KidsGuard Pro: Instagram Tracker App For Parents

KidsGuard Pro is among the greatest apps to help you monitor Instagram activity. The application has a highly appealing design that is well received by all of its users. The app’s overall performance is excellent. Following are some of the wonderful capacities of KidsGuard Pro:

  • Push notifications allow you to view all Instagram activities
  • Message monitoring – You can view all the received and sent messages, including the deleted ones
  • Profile viewing – You can view the private profile regardless of whether the target individual blocked you
  • Multiple accounts monitoring ability
  • Automatic screenshot capturing of the target device’s Instagram activity
  • Extremely simple and rapid installation 
  • No need for a source app for the tracker phone
  • Invisible on the target device’s home screen following installation
  • The app is available in several languages, as is customer assistance
  • Monitoring of over 30 applications and features is supported
  • Complete data security and privacy
  • Supports the most recent iOS and Android device versions
  • Monitoring is limited to one device at a time
  • There is no free trial period

SpyBubble: Instagram Activity Tracker for Couples

SpyBubble provides a wide range of tools with substantial capabilities, including the capacity to track Instagram user activity. With this Instagram activity tracker, you will be able to track the Instagram activity of your children or spouse without them knowing it. SpyBubble provides parents with features including:

  • Accessing and viewing social media chats – this allows parents to see their children’s activities on social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.
  • Tracking Instagram messages, photos, and other actions from the app’s control panel on your personal computer or phone. As a result, you may gain information about the target Instagram profile regardless of the operating system they are using.

You can read our SpyBubble review to see full list of its features.

  • It provides a wide selection of monitoring tools and options
  • Outstanding user interface
  • It is compatible with a wide range of devices
  • It is accessible in several languages
  • The software is robust and dependable in terms of product features
  • You must root the target phone to use all of the app’s features
  • There is no live customer assistance
How to Choose the Best Instagram Tracker App
Follow the steps below when choosing the best Instagram tracker:
Consider Compatibility
With the several Instagram tracker apps to choose from, you may need to narrow down to a few of these. Begin by eliminating those that are not compatible with the targeted devices. 
Review Affordability
The next step will be choosing Instagram tracker apps within your budget limits. You don’t want to spend your precious time reviewing an Instagram activity tracker app that is costlier than what you intend to spend. 
Look at the Features
What features are the most desirable for you? Go for the apps that have the features that meet your specific Instagram tracking needs.
Consider the Reliability of the Instagram Tracker App
Choose a tracker that will give you the data you need reliably.

How to Install Instagram Activity Tracker

You may need to acquire an Instagram tracker app before you can use it (depending on whether it is free or paid). Then, in order to enroll in one of its plans, you must first establish an account using a registration option.

You must install the app if the target device is Android-supported. This implies you’ll need physical access to the Android smartphone. Install the Instagram tracker app on the target smartphone by following some simple instructions.

However, if the target is an iOS-enabled mobile device, you may not have to physically access it. To finish the setup, all you need to do is enter the device’s iCloud credentials. 


These are our picks for the best phone tracker apps to help you see someone’s activity on Instagram. So, which is superior? None of these apps are superior to the others when it comes to app selection. Each app has its own strengths. Therefore the ideal app for you is the one that suits your requirements. When selecting a spy app that matches your demands, you should examine compatibility, pricing, value for your money, customer service, and software features. Fortunately, all of these tools can let you spy on Instagram profiles and keep your children secure. Choose one and utilize it to keep your children safe online.   


Do Instagram trackers work?

Yes. Instagram tracker apps, including uMobix, SpyBubble, and mSpy, work well most of the time on compatible mobile devices. Although you may face difficulties with some apps immediately after installation, it isn’t a big issue. You may need to keep trying until it starts to work correctly. Sometimes, you may need to stop trying for a while and try later. 

What is the best Instagram tracker app?

There isn’t a particular Instagram tracker app that can be considered the most effective. The choice of the best tracking app depends on your needs. It is about what you want to achieve when using the app. Therefore, any of the above-discussed apps may be the best Instagram tracker app. Choose one that meets your needs and start monitoring your target device. 

Can you track an Instagram account for free?

Yes. You can track an Instagram account for free. One of the ways you can do that is by having manual access to the target Instagram account on the user’s target device. You can also get the Instagram credentials of the target profile and log in from your device. Lastly, you can use a free Instagram tracker app to track an Instagram account free. 

Is it legal to track someone’s Instagram account?

Parents can use a “Spy App” to watch their underage children and safeguard them from internet risks, online bullies, and predators. As a parent, you do not need your child’s consent to access their phone and safeguard them. If you use the application to monitor adults, you have to notify them that you are watching their internet actions.
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