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Modern parents are happy to use the opportunity to monitor their kids remotely – some ten or fifteen years ago, it was impossible to do that easily. Of course, monitoring applications are not intended to reduce the role of parents in raising children but rather to provide all possible assistance in ensuring their safety, even while in different countries. Products like the iKeyMonitor hidden app help to better understand kids clamoring for attention not directly but through rebellion or self-absorption, getting involved with bad company in the process.

So, will this product do the trick for you? Let’s comb through its features, price, and more in this iKeyMonitor review and find out together!

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General Information About iKeyMonitor App

Key features: call history logs, call recording, keystrokes, geo-fencing, phone surroundings, app blocker, a screen time limit, SMS & messenger tracker

Compatibility: no-jailbroken devices (iOS 9.x – 14.x), jailbroken devices (all iPhones/iPads); non-root Android (OS 2.3 and above), rooted Android (OS 2.3 and above), MacOS 10.7 and above, Windows 7 – 10.

Price: The total iKeyMonitor cost of a mobile subscription is $9.99 for three days and starts from $16.66 per month. The desktop subscription will cost you $29.99 per month.

Free trial: Yes. iKeyMonitor offers a free basic trial.


What Is iKeyMonitor?

iKeyMonitor app is one of those serviceable tools that instantly give users more peace of mind. It saves parents the trouble of being a nosy parker, always asking their kids where they are going and worrying about them when they can’t be around; keeps an eye on lazy workers who stare at the wall instead of working; and helps in any similar cases when it is not possible to stand gawking over the person’s shoulder.

Parents who want to forestall possible dangers should always be one step ahead, and iKeyMonitor mobile spy will not let them down if everything is done according to the instructions. This is a robust tool that not only works by alerting the user and providing data but also helps exercise controls over the phone.


iKeyMonitor App Compatibility

iKeyMonitor app will become one of those services that will not remain idle, unlike many apps you download and forget about. This product is well thought-out and available for monitoring a whole range of gadgets: there is an iKeyMonitor Android spy app (OS version 2.3+), Apple OS tracker (iOS 9.x – 14.x), and tools for Windows version 7 – 10 and Mac version 10.7+. 

It is worth noting that these requirements apply to target devices, while the user themselves will be able to work with the program from a browser, regardless of their phone or laptop model.

How it works

How Does iKeyMonitor Work?

In simple words, the user will need to take care of registering and securing a subscription that meets their expectations, depending on the set of features. At the same time, all data will be uploaded to the iKeyMonitor cloud panel. It seems that you are almost there. But now, you need to deal with iKeyMonitor installation, which is much more time-consuming.

In fact, this is a decent app that contains all the most commonly requested features; however, despite iKeyMonitor hidden nature, it has a requirement that may not be suitable for everyone. To start with its operation, the user with an Android target device will be required to access it anyway – to install iKeyMonitor software, which is mandatory for this type of OS, it must also be rooted to encompass all features, just like its iOS counterpart. 

For iPhones, the target’s iCloud ID and password are needed to unlock the basic features, and a two-factor authentication pass might be required. These are things to keep in mind, but on the bright side, jailbreaking or rooting is not a mandatory step – just get by with less sophisticated features.

Basic features

iKeyMonitor Free Features

Let’s stop beating around the bush and find out what kind of perks users will use after the free iKeyMonitor installation.

Mobile Spy

Basic features one just can’t do without include call logs, contacts, and the ability to track SMS without touching target phone. By simply having this data, parents will be able to identify the phone numbers and names of people their children are in close contact with, know exactly when the call was made, and raise protection if suspicious calls occur frequently and disturb their kids.

Location Tracking

iKeyMonitor serves as a great location tracking app, and you should also be aware that it can also be used as a geofencing barrier. You can peep at any time where your child is wandering in real-time and catch up on past places in history. Set forbidden zones and get alerts as soon as a person enters them.

Wi-Fi History

WiFi connections can tell you more than you expected. iKeyMonitor app collects data on all connections of the gadget so that you can understand, based on the name of the network, what motives moved your child or employee. Maybe it’s a network in a public place where they have lunch or at the house of school friends, or probably they tend to visit some unsafe or compromising places in which they should not be.

Calendars, Notes, Reminders

A modern person keeps too much information in their head, so in order not to forget something really important, they can save it on the phone that is always at hand. Whether it is a calendar event, written or voice message, either way, iKeyMonitor hidden software has you covered and informed.

Hidden Mode

Here comes a feature that is required to meet the requirements of modern users. While they can always hide the iKeyMonitor app icon, it is also possible to prevent unauthorized uninstallation with a password. In addition, the hidden mode allows you to reduce the pressure on the owner of the monitored device and, at the same time, be in the know.

Advanced features

Paid iKeyMonitor Features

Depending on the age of the child and their preferences based on modern trends, they may be more active on social networks and instant messengers that are not included in the iKeyMonitor free package.


Praised by many for its practicality, a keylogger is undoubtedly an important attribute of iKeyMonitor mobile spy that allows you to keep a sharp eye for writing activities on a target gadget. For example, you can not only engage in iMessage monitoring but also know absolutely everything your child writes on their device, including in chats, browser searches, and so on. Even if your employees delete the history, you will know what’s up.


The dream of all parents who see that something is off with their children’s behavior has always been to remain invisible and at the same time read everything that the child writes about in instant messengers. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Tinder, Telegram, Signal – now they are all at your fingertips.

Device Control

Not only children but also adults can have problems with excessive phone usage – except that the younger generation can get away with it for now, and instead, parents can simply limit the use time remotely using the iKeyMonitor tracking app for Android. You can also configure the app itself remotely without drawing too much attention.

Social Apps Monitoring

Maintaining an account on social networks is probably one of the most popular ways to express themselves among young people these days. Using the method of screenshots and a keylogger, the program uploads all this array of data to the iKeyMonitor cloud panel so that you can see with your own eyes how your child spends time online and whether they have become involved in some kind of mishap.


Each photo and video is a story, and you can only guess what types of media files are stored on the device of your child or employee. After iKeyMonitor installation and unpacking, you see them just like the owner of the device, with warts and all, and will be able to prevent the influence they may have on your loved one or stop data leakage from within the company.

Pros and Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of iKeyMonitor

  • Monitoring via screenshots will provide only unbiased information
  • Users can get iKeyMonitor free trial for an unlimited amount of time
  • All incoming and outgoing SMS and messages in social networks will be displayed on your dashboard online
  • Restrict access to certain applications, listen to live surroundings, take remote photos from the target device’s camera
  • It is possible to use iKeyMonitor on iPhone, Android, computers
  • Some iKeyMonitor reviews indicate that not all features of the app work as stated
  • All advanced features are only available for tweaked devices
  • In order to install iKeyMonitor on a target device, you need to have an unlocked device; for iOS with jailbreak, you need login data to enter and synchronize iCloud

App installation

How to Use iKeyMonitor App

Like many quality digital services, the iKeyMonitor app is very intuitive. The most important thing is to successfully complete the installation and then reap the benefits.

How to Install iKeyMonitor on iPhone

Here’s how to install iKeyMonitor on Apple phones:

  1. Visit ikeymonitor.com and click on Signup.
  2. Proceed with the option iCloud ID and 2-factor authorization for use without jailbreak or the physical access option if these data are not available.
  3. Enter your email, User ID, and follow the link you received to activate your account.
  4. Depending on the situation, start the installation as indicated in the email or enter its iCloud credentials.
  5. iKeyMonitor for iPhone is ready to go – remember to keep on backups on your traget device.

How to Install iKeyMonitor Android Spy App

For Android devices, the process is as follows:

  1. Visit the iKeyMonitor website and check compatibility.
  2. Click on any of the call-to-action buttons and create an account.
  3. An email with instructions and an installer will be sent to your specified email.
  4. When you root or simply install iKeyMonitor, you can start using the free features.
  5. Request paid features from your account if necessary for a fixed price.


How Much Does iKeyMonitor Cost?

iKeyMonitor price depends on what target device you plan to monitor. If we are talking about mobile gadgets (Android/iPhone/iPad), the user can count on free features like call history, SMSs, GPS locations, geo-fencing, calendar, etc., which come in a pack with paid add-ons like instant messengers and social networks.

The desktop subscription is intended for one device and includes discrete tracking, screenshots, a report on visited browsers, information about the applications used, and an input logger.


Customer support

Even if everything goes smoothly with iKeyMonitor login and you don’t need outside help, having a customer support team is still priceless. Unfortunately, the ability to communicate in live chat is not yet available on the site, but users can ask their questions via email. In addition, especially inquisitive people can use the knowledge base on the platform and the FAQ section.

Let’s summarize

Final Verdict

7.5Expert Score

We’d like to close this iKeyMonitor review by categorizing the iKeyMonitor app as a very promising product on the rise. It offers a free download and a free tier for those who are happy with the starting features and the average price for the extras. The product has a simple, user-friendly design for untroubled use but requires the target device rooting or jailbreaking for unlocking add-ons which can be difficult to figure out.

Cheryl Bourassa

Cheryl Bourassa

Cheryl Bourassa is a top-tier specialist with in-depth knowledge of spy practices and methods. She’s been active in the tracking field for a decade. Cheryl is a successful tracking consultant who provides services to dozens of high-level clients worldwide that need world-class tracking services.

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