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Android Tracking Apps

Technology does not stand still, and the mobile app market evolves more and more every year, replenishing with new and more advanced products. A large part of this offer is aimed at our daily activity tracking – for example, work processes, physical exercises, bedtime, and so on. At the same time, a separate segment is aimed at the needs of parents and, more specifically, at ensuring the safety of children through monitoring their mobile devices.

Agree that dealing with a teenager is sometimes not an easy task, and often parents wonder if there is a magic wand that would help them find out if everything is okay with their offspring in a given situation. After all, modern social and virtual threats require appropriate tools and solutions. And the fact that modern children practically do not let go of mobile gadgets plays into the hands of their worried parents. So, hop on and find out more about the mobile phone tracking process together with the best tracking apps out there from our thorough review.

Top Android Tracking Apps: How Do They Work? 

Mobile applications have found a special demand among users for a reason – just a few clicks and a lot of opportunities open up for you. A distinctive feature of tracking apps is that they can be visible, but, if necessary, those with advanced features allow you to activate stealth mode. But before you move on to this step, remember to take a look at some other operation features of these handy products.

As you know, apps for mobile devices are developed taking into account the operating system; often, they are designed for both iPhones and Androids, and sometimes, they are tailored for one of these OS. Therefore, if you are looking for a tracking app for Android, you first need to explore the website of the product you are interested in and ensure that their software is designed for your model. Then, you can switch your attention to the features offered by the developers and choose a subscription that will satisfy your needs and not hit your wallet hard. Yes, you can also view free products, but remember that by downloading the archive to your device you will not be able to make claims about bugs, possible viruses, and other troubles that may overshadow your experience of using Android tracking apps.

Having decided in favor of the product, users who have chosen it to track an Android device will have to go through downloading and installing the application on the target gadget. In the future, the software will perform its functions without any need to somehow push it, and with the Internet turned on, it will regularly share new information from the phone to the user’s dashboard.

10 Best Apps to Track Android Device

If you don’t want to go through the pain of choosing, you can simply see the most advantageous offers that we have taken the liberty of selecting based on the most sought-after criteria. Customer satisfaction with excellent productivity speaks for itself: Android device tracking is the key that many have been looking for to stay in touch with or monitor the devices of children and loved ones.

1. uMobix – Best Phone Tracking App for Android

This app hits the bull’s eye offering its monitoring service encompassing your needs from A to Z. There is nothing more valuable than the welfare of children and when they are with acquaintances outside parental walls, they can easily be swayed. To intervene, you need to have information that can be obtained easily and on time, thanks to this Android stealth tracking app. 

This monitoring solution will allow you to snoop around and see who the owner of the target device communicates with most often, what contacts they added, and when and how long the call lasted. In addition, you will have access to their correspondence in the most popular instant messengers of our time, and not only text content but everything that a screenshot captures! Get an up-to-date update on where your child is now or view the location report at your convenience. These and other uMobix features are available on all Android devices – the software is regularly updated with new perks.

  • Clear presentation of information on the dashboard
  • Tracking Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Tinde
  • Works invisibly to the owner of the target device
  • Remote management/deleting applications
  • Detailed guide instructions are offered during the installation process
  • it’s not possible to remotely install tracking app on Android

2. GEOfinder Android Tracking App: Your Spot Finding Solution

Do you know where your child is now? Even if your answer is yes, are you sure about it? GEOfinder allows you to set the truth in a non-obvious way for the target device holder. In the case of this location tracking app, the model or OS of the smartphone does not matter – a person just has to follow the link and the job is done.

You don’t have to be with the person whose device you want to monitor in the same area or even region – you can send geolocation requests wherever your child or loved one is to see their exact location.

Check out our full GEOfinder review to know more.

  • All you need to know is the phone number
  • No installations and software unpacking on the device itself
  • Cell phone carrier doesn’t matter
  • They will not know that it was you who sent the message with the link
  • If a person does not follow the link, geolocation cannot be tracked

3. FamiSafe: Best Cell Phone Tracking App for Android and Your Little Ones

Parents can find peace of mind by simply installing this application on their smartphone and their child’s device and connecting them. Now the most comprehensive information about the activities of the offspring will be displayed in a consolidated way on the portal. Thus, it has become much easier to monitor the information hygiene of children, and, most importantly, you can set everything up so that you receive automatic notifications if something suspicious is noticed.

This Android phone tracking app can be a real discovery for both parent and educational monitoring purposes. Such products are developed and allow, in the first case, to focus on the locations of the child, the appearance of unsafe content on their devices, monitoring the time spent with the gadget, etc. Outside of the home, children spend most of their time at school, where they would do well to focus on their studies without being distracted by malicious websites, cyberbullying, and not abusing ready-made online resources when writing papers.

  • Your virtual assistant for tracking the youngest smartphone users
  • Know exactly how much time your child spends on which applications
  • Control over the use of online platforms
  • Get the opportunity to customize the age-appropriate interaction with the content
  • No keylogger
  • No call logs

4. mSpy – Hidden Tracking App for Android

This is another gem when it comes to choosing a hidden Android tracking app that won’t disturb the owner of the target device. If you are dealing with a very secretive person who goes miles to hide something from you, this exquisite technology enters the arena.

The application will help reveal everything that may interest or bother you. Now you get to the bottom of it and find out what your child or partner is chatting about and what photos they share, whether they talk for a long time with someone on the phone, how their virtual life goes on the most popular social platforms (just name it), and not only. What’s more, you will no longer stay in the dark and know their locations when they don’t come home for a long time and get prompt geofencing alerts.

  • Monitor SMS, calls, and conversations on top messaging platforms
  • Keylogger and screen recorder feature
  • Get alerts when a taboo word slips on the target device
  • Photos are deleted from Snapchat, but they will get on your dashboard
  • Block websites and applications at any time
  • A little high cost for using all the features
  • One subscription, one device

5. Google Find My Device – Best Free Android Tracking App

As its name suggests, this utility performs the function of finding a lost or forgotten Android device. To obtain search results that will satisfy you, you need to provide two factors – the presence of GPS and internet connection. And, of course, pre-install the application on the smartphone itself. Since this software was developed by Google, it is also associated with the account itself and allows you to manage it from a distance without having a device in your hands.

  • Send a command, and your device will make a sound to make it easy to find
  • If you are not sure that you will be able to resume access to the device, you can block the device or log out and delete your account for good
  • This one can be called the best free tracking app for Android phones to determine the exact location
  • Does not require a lot of memory and minimally affects the productivity of the device
  • In fact, it can only be used to monitor the location
  • Requires manual installation and is visible on the device

6. SpyStealth – Secret Tracking App for Android

Monitoring features from SpyStealth app have managed to catch the fancy of both prudent parents and professionals involved in monitoring the productivity of employees. As a secret Android tracking app, SpyStealth will be your “eyes” on any Android device, be it tablets or smartphones.

Find out what your employees are really doing – working hard or chatting on social networks, or perhaps doing something aimed at denigrating your good name. This app will allow you to closely monitor the state of your child when you do not see each other – their smartphones, like nothing else, will tell you about their secret experiences, problems, and situations where adult intervention may be required.

Among the features of this program are GPS location, call history, text messages tracking in SMS and emails, photo and video monitoring, web activity, and bookmarks – and this list is far from complete.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Robust tracking app for Android tablet and phone running in stealth mode
  • Provides communication logs and alerts
  • Monitors destinations where the device’s holder target goes
  • Convenient live control panel for the user
  • Positive
  • You need to jailbreak the target phone to use the advanced features

7. Spyic – Undetectable Tracking App for Android

By typing tons of text on smartphones, children often lose their vigilance, which, for example, is often used by virtual scammers. Sometimes it may make sense to check what kind of new acquaintance your child has made who prefers not to appear in front of you. Catering to a mature audience of parents, Spyic does an excellent job with the duties assigned to it – it offers a set of necessary tools and regularly synchronizes the accumulated data.

Check the demo of this smartphone tracking app and see what users see: incoming and outgoing calls, their durations and timestamps, popular contacts, FB, Viber, Instagram messages, and shared media files.

  • Round the clock support
  • Software difficult to detect
  • Get notified if the SIM card is removed or replaced
  • Geofence alerts
  • Location & website history
  • Small bugs are reported according to Android tracking app reviews

8. Snoopza – Spy Tracking App for Android with Exquisite Features

This renowned software offers especially attractive features for Android devices. Among other things, the ability to record and listen to phone calls, as well as categorize calls by whether they were incoming or outgoing, stands out. Users can intercept information using screenshots and monitor activity on social networks. Look at the planned events using the calendar on the target device and find out which sites a person visits.

  • Make the use of the app invisible during installation
  • Track photos and other content that has been removed from the target device
  • Keep copies of data
  • Access to the phone is needed
  • No keylogger

9. Life 360 Tracking App for Android Tablet and Phone

The modern pace of life is so fast that it is simply impossible for a person to keep up with everything and keep track of everything—especially for parents who have responsibility for their children and their elderly parents on their shoulders. So, in search of the best free tracking app for Android, they will come across Life360 – a program that will accompany a person close to you wherever they go and notify you of important events on their way.

In terms of features, Life360 has your family members fully covered in 360 degrees. You will receive alerts about visiting particular places, will be able to follow the history of visited places, and receive SOS signals about the incident. This application will effectively introduce you to events and tell you everything.

  • There is no need to keep your eyes on the app; you will receive automatic messages about the most important
  • Determine with what accuracy you will see the location of a person – there is always room for privacy
  • You can add your family members and monitor their GPS coordinates simultaneously
  • No stealth mode

10. Google Maps Timeline

By enabling Location History on our devices, we allow the system to remember our visited places and return to them at any time, evoking pleasant memories. What’s more, you can even select a specific date to see where you were on that day. Just a few clicks – on your photo in the app and then on Your Timeline – and here is the whole picture in front of you.This way, you can personalize your experience and get tips on the best places for your taste. But it is unlikely that Google Maps Timeline will be able to compete in functionality with any other Android cell phone tracking app from this review. After all, its primary goal is different.

  • Detailed information about the time and place of travel
  • Absolutely free to use
  • Phone access required
  • User can easily delete Google location history or part of it
  • Requires internet to determine exact locations

How to Choose the Best Android Tracking App

While on Android device tracking spree, you’ll browse through a variety of products and websites. If your target device is Android-based, save yourself time and immediately pay attention to features designed specifically for your OS. Also, you can use the following tips.

Find the App from Our Rating

We don’t play games when it comes to quality and user satisfaction—only the top apps for quick picks.

Read Expert Reviews

Learn more about the features you’ll actually use and save yourself the hassle of reading a bunch of fancy words.

Compare Apps

Are you interested in an invisible tracking app for Android, a product with a keylogger or a call recording feature? Compare and select the best.

How to Install Tracking App on Android

Let’s see how this process works for beginners using uMobix as an example.

Step 1. Click on Try Now in the top right corner and enter your valid email.

Step 2. Click on Android and select a subscription plan.

Step 3. Pay for the purchase and follow the link in the email to install the Android tracking app.

Step 4. Follow the instructions, and in a few minutes, the installation process on the target device will be completed.


This compilation of Android tracking apps was created to give a head off to your journey as a happy user of modern tracking tools and features. Which one did you like the most? Hopefully, you will enjoy your experience and new opportunities for Android tracking!


Are Android tracking apps safe?

Yes, those of them that have been on the market for many years and perform their functions as stated by the developer will not disappoint you. Stay away from software with bad reviews or those that don’t have a user policy on the website.

What is the best phone tracking app for Android?

uMobix can be called the best phone tracking app for Android due to its successful market presence and high user demand. The app has many features for every taste.

Are there any free apps to track Android phone?

Yes, you can use Google Find My Device and track the location of your smartphone for free. Access to many advanced features is usually provided in paid programs.

Is phone tracking legal?

The answer to this question depends on many factors, including your jurisdiction or who exactly you are going to track. Having received the consent of a person, you don’t need to think about how to hide a tracking app on Android device and do what you need to do.

Can I track Android device without app?

Yes, you can track a cell phone location without installing software using GEOfinder, this phone tracker do not require personal contact with the device or software installation.

How to hide a tracking app on Android?

You can use the best free phone tracking app for Android that offers this option during the installation process. Choose the app with a stealth feature.

What is the best free phone tracking app for Android?

While almost all the apps in this article offer demos, the free modes are not that common. Now, using Google Find My Device and Google Maps Timeline is absolutely free. Stay tuned, and you will learn about free trial versions of progressive monitoring tools pretty soon.
Cheryl Bourassa

Cheryl Bourassa

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