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iMessage Monitoring App

All parents aim to establish something good for their children. They also strive to give them the best environment to grow as better people every day. And because of the advancement of technology, there are tons of devices to help us gather a lot of information online.

Nowadays, it’s normal for children to utilize high-tech gadgets for most of their daily activities. But despite this huge convenience, as a parent, you need to keep your children safe from unwanted/harmful content. 

Here we’re sharing the best iMessaging monitoring apps you can use to keep track of your children’s online activities. Here, you can learn everything about these applications, why they’re necessary, and more. But before anything else, how do these monitoring apps work? Let’s find out. 

How Does an iMessage Monitoring App Work?   

These iMessaging tracking apps for iPhone work in a few different ways. It depends on the kind of app you’re planning to use. 

Some of these apps filter content, thus, limiting people’s access to specific sites and apps or inappropriate content. Others control and manage the use of smartphones and gadgets by setting time limits and restricting their use after some time. 

This is the reason why iMessage monitoring apps have become so vital in this day and age. They monitor, manage, and restrict what your children, or any user, does on their smart devices. They’re vital tools to help you learn more about what your children’s activities are while online. 

But the thing here is that finding the best and most efficient iMessage tracking app can be daunting and challenging. Why? Because there are a plethora of applications to choose from, each of these offers slightly different features. 

5 Best Monitoring Apps for iMessage

Every day, iPhone users grow globally. And with the rapid increase in technology, children have started using the iPhone like adults. 

But as parents, it’s your responsibility to prevent your children from reaching harmful content online. It’s also your duty to control how long they stay on their phones without doing productive things in their lives. 

This is the reason why we need these iMessage monitoring apps. That’s why we’re giving you a list of the best ones available. 

1. uMobix – Best iMessage Monitoring App

The first iMessage monitoring app on our list is uMobix. It continues to gain popularity among users because of the incredible features at just half the price of its competition.  


  • Call history is essential for parents who want to keep tabs on their child’s social interactions. It allows tracking incoming/outgoing, missed, or even deleted calls with all the necessary details. 
  • You can check text messages to know what your children are secretly purchasing or getting confirmation codes for. 
  • It lets you see what content your child views on their social apps. 
  • The GPS location tracker helps you track your child’s movements. 
  • Get access to the main settings of your child’s smart device and restrict access to guarantee that your child is safe from online threats. 
  • uMobix lets you access your child’s smartphone mic and camera to see/hear the environment surrounding them in real-time. 
  • View deleted information like calls, messages, contacts, and even renamed contacts. 
  • Advanced phone monitoring to always keep you informed on what your child is doing.

Check out our full uMobix review to know more.

  • Simple and easy to access the dashboard
  • Click-to-block
  • Social media monitoring
  • Battery consumption

2. SpyBubble – Perfect Parental Monitoring App for iMessage

SpyBubble Pro is efficient monitoring software that offers you diverse possibilities. It’s a helpful app for protecting your children from online predators, digital scammers, and cyber bullies. 


  • Lets you view social media chats and various activities of your child on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • You can track your child’s GPS location to know their whereabouts.
  • See and review your child’s contacts and block any suspicious users. 
  • Remotely read text messages and look through call logs to detect bullies or predators.  
  • Monitor their visited websites to learn more about your children’s interests via their web pages. 
  • Check sent/received mails to monitor and prevent harassment.
  • Get notified of restricted actions every time your child violates rules you’ve set.
  • Allows you to view activities performed by your child like calls, messages, their location, etc.
  • Isn’t costly and updates information every five minutes
  • Undetectable and has real-time location tracking
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • iCloud details are needed for the iPhone

3. mSpy – Best Tracking App for Geo-Fencing   

mSpy is one of the most widespread monitoring apps since it observes and chases smartphones. It can work on both iOS and Android devices, plus it doesn’t require jailbreaking to use. 


  • It can create geo-fence so you can establish a safe zone for your child.
  • The keylogging tracker helps you see what’s happening on your child’s smart device in real-time.  
  • Allows you to observe the movements and status when your child creates text messages. 
  • Offers you installers with constant and reliable customer service. 
  • No need for jailbreak
  • It’s packed with excellent features
  • Has outstanding customer support
  • Price is slightly higher than its competition

4. SpyStealth – Best iMessage Monitoring App for Real-Time Location

This iMessage parental monitoring app allows you to view the smartphone activities of another person, including calls, text messages, media files, social networks, etc. What’s more, it lets you check your child’s real-time location while intercepting their login credentials. 


  • Check GPS locations in real-time to know their whereabouts.
  • Find out and observe their list of apps installed on their smart devices. 
  • SpyStealth can help you look into the contact list on the user’s smartphone. 
  • It can also let you view their iMessage, SMS, and MMS remotely to ensure your child’s safety and security. It can even show you their incoming/outgoing emails. 
  • The app lets you monitor a user’s browser activity, bookmarks, calendar, notes, tasks, etc.
  • If you can’t monitor your child’s location for whatever reason, check their WiFi network to know the places they visited recently.
  • The app even lets you check media files like recently taken photos, downloads, and shared video files. 
  • Use a keylogger to record your child’s keystrokes remotely for details on their searches and the like. 
  • You can enable call block and app/website block if you disapprove of your child visiting specific websites. It also helps block calls from unwanted scams or abuse.

Read our full review of SpyStealth premium app to know more.

  • Affordable price
  • Excellent chat support
  • Just one subscription for five different smartphones
  • It doesn’t work on all operating systems

5. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY can be named the best iMessage monitoring app that can be installed on a computer, phone, or tablet. It’s ideal for parents to keep their children safe from inappropriate content, predators, and cyberbullies. As a great parental monitoring app, iMessage and other platforms can easily be tracked through this app. 


  • Call tracking lets you discreetly listen to your target’s phone conversation. 
  • Call recording can tape conversations whenever necessary. You can record overall conversations or only those with specific contacts.
  • Ambient recording helps activate the mic of your child’s device when it’s not being used. 
  • Use the app’s live map for location tracking to target the exact GPS location of the smart device. 
  • All text and social media can be tracked with the help of FlexiSPY. 
  • Use a keylogger to record usernames, passwords, or codes typed on the targeted smart device. 
  • Get alerts when a certain action happens, like a contact number or keyword searches, file deletion, etc. This is ideal if you want to be aware of your child’s activities but don’t want to monitor their device at all times. 
  • With FlexiSPY, you can execute quick inappropriate app blocking and remotely update/upgrade the target device once.
  • It’s an easy-to-use app
  • Has a live location tracker
  • Excellent customer service
  • Extensive capability for monitoring devices
  • Rooting/jailbreaking is needed

How to Choose the Best iMessage Monitoring App?

Technically, there’s no general rule on how to choose the best iMessage tracking app to use. All of these iMessage monitoring apps have similarities and uniqueness, so it will all depend on what you need and prefer. 

All of these iMessage monitoring apps have similarities and uniqueness. You’ll simply need to read about them, weigh their pros and cons, try them, and see which one fits your needs.

These iMessage applications are all efficient and made to do the job – monitor a smart device’s activity. However, not all of the features they have will be your cup of tea. The good thing is the applications we mentioned earlier are the best ones available today.  

How to Install iMessage Monitoring App

These iMessage monitoring apps are easy to use, and no one will know that someone’s keeping tabs on them. They run in the background without any warning. Additionally, they’re easy to install, and you only need to follow these simple instructions. 

Download the chosen app to your smart device, then create an account. Then, enter all the information about the phone you want to keep track of. These usually included the code/IMEI number. 

Providing this information will help the app read messages, display messenger messages, check call history, and track the device’s location. 


Even if these iMessage monitoring apps have impressive features for parental control, no system is perfect. If your child wants to get away from the imposed limitations and warnings, they’ll find a way to do so. 

Remember, children nowadays are very savvy when it comes to technology. They can simply use unmonitored devices or find ways to bypass these controlling apps. 

What we’re trying to say is that the best solution is to sit down and talk with your child. Explain to them why you need to install the best monitoring app for iMessage and why it will help keep them safe.


Do iMessage monitoring apps really work?

In the past, monitoring activities on a person’s device was a bit troublesome. But luckily, current monitoring apps work efficiently and do the job well. There are tons of iMessage tracking app options available today, particularly for the iPhone. These allow you to keep track and gather information on a user’s activity, as well as the data sent/received via their iMessage.

Are there any free iMessage monitoring apps?

Yes, if you want a free iMessage monitoring app, then there are quite a few options on the App Store that let you know what information is being sent/received through iMessages. 

What is the difference between iMessage and SMS?

SMS or text messages use your mobile connection, which bounces from one cell tower to another. For iMessages, it’s Apple’s service for messaging that comes with every iPad and iPhone. iMessages transfer information via the internet. So, you’ll need WiFi or cellular data to send messages to another iPhone/iPad. However, you can utilize any cell reception to send text messages. When you’re using an iPhone, the only reason to use SMS is when you’re talking to someone who isn’t using an Apple device. You also use this when you don’t have any data on your smart device.
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