uMobix Review: Best Spy App in 2022?

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With our uMobix review, you will see how this option outweighs other apps that can be purchased. Here, users will be able to learn about everything this top-rated app has to offer and how it can easily be used on mobile devices. 

Using this amazing app is one way to always keep tabs on someone or monitor what someone is doing when using the internet. Instead of using location services that rely solely on a phone number, this app uses an installed software package that will run in the background of the phone. This allows you to have access to all data that the phone transmits.

With this top-rated app, you can have updated information on all phone activity. The app offers a user-friendly interface, and as soon as you have an account, you can use your uMobix sign in details to access the dashboard and start monitoring a target device!

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General Information

Key Features: GPS tracker, keylogger, call monitoring, social media monitoring, remote control settings, SIM card replacement, one-click installation, schedule of application use, photo and media tracker, recording of browser usage, mailbox scanner, camera snapshot, audio and video streaming, monitoring any deleted information, blocking websites and apps, restricting calls, etc.

Compatibility:  Can be used on Android and iOS devices.

Price: Different price options for 1 month – $49.99, 3 months – $83.97 ($27.99/month), and a year subscription – $139.92 ($11.66/month).

Free Trial: uMobix spy app has no free trial available.


What Is uMobix Spy App?

A uMobix app is a well-designed option for tracking Android and iOS devices and monitoring usage. It can be used to see all details of a target device, and users are also able to set restrictions using the uMobix features. This app has become a leading choice for parents who want to watch the activity of their children on a mobile device. It can also be used to track the location of the device user, see calls and text messages of friends, and more. 

The app was designed to help with monitoring by allowing users to track location using GPS signals. With many added features, this popular app can also be used to monitor calls, view photos, log keystrokes, manage contacts, restrict internet access, and more. It is an app that can easily be installed and comes with an affordable pricing plan, making it one of the best spy apps available.


Compatibility of uMobix App

The great thing about using this spy app is that it can be used on any Android or iOS device and will provide real-time data. The app syncs every 5 minutes, so you can get results no matter what device is being used. The app will work on all versions of iPhones and can also be used on other devices like an iPad. As for Android compatibility, the target device must be running Android 4.0 or better. 

How it works

How Does uMobix App Work?

Once the app has been installed and you have created your user account, you can use the simple dashboard to access all results. Device data will be uploaded, and all logs will be available in real-time. This phone monitoring app works by recording data from the phone itself as well as by using GPS location services to provide an exact location for any user. The information collected can be used by the subscriber at any time and will be easily seen on the dashboard of an account. 

It is important to know that the price of the app will only apply to use on one device. If you are monitoring additional devices, a separate subscription will be required. Since the app is installed directly onto a device, it can monitor all phone activity, from calls made to texts received.


Features offered by uMobix

When you purchase a service plan and install this app, you will benefit from many features – this is why actually there are many positive uMobix reviews posted by users. No matter what information you want to get from a target device or how you want to track the phone’s location, you can use the multiple features included with this secure app. Here, we take a closer look at some of the options that will be included when purchasing a standard or uMobix premium membership.

Address Book Monitoring

You can keep an eye on all contacts added to any phone.

Call History

Get a full list of all calls placed or received on the phone. The duration of calls, contact information, and time and date will be displayed. Since uMobix syncs every 5 minutes, you will never miss any calls.

Social Apps Monitoring

With so many phone users accessing social media platforms, this app provides a way to monitor Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. The uMobix Snapchat monitoring feature provides contact information, message details, and the ability to block users. On Android phones, all apps can be tracked. However, when installing on an iOS phone, only 3 messaging apps, 2 social media platforms, and 1 dating app will be covered.

GPS Tracker

One of the main features you will use, and it provides up-to-date location services. The feature also provides a history list of places that have been visited. When you access location tracking, you will get the person’s address, date, coordinates, and a map view.

Internet Tracking

Being able to monitor someone’s internet activity is a helpful way to get information and monitor them. When you download uMobix, you will have access to the complete internet history, browsing data, and a list of all sites accessed. It is also possible to restrict access to specific sites using the app. 


This unique feature will allow you to access the microphone and camera of a target device. You will be able to see and hear what is going on in real-time.


With a built-in keylogger, you can use your uMobix login details to get a record of all keystrokes typed on the target device. This allows for access to active and deleted messages, account details, and other useful data.

Pros and Cons

Benefits & Drawbacks of uMobix

If you are considering using this spy app, we suggest taking a minute to review these pros and cons. With uMobix, you will find it is best used on an Android device. However, the great features do make this a top choice for any mobile spy tracking needed. Below, we list the major advantages and drawbacks you will notice when using the uMobix spy app.

  • Strong features for Android
  • Some features work without rooting
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable syncing frequency
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Limited features for iOS
  • No free trial

App installation

uMobix Installation

Now that you know what features are available, you need to know how to install the app on a device. It is a simple process, though there are differences when using an Android device over an iOS. Here, we provide detailed steps on how to complete the installation on any phone and start using the services. 

How to Install uMobix on Android Using uMobix APK

When installing the app to an Android device, you will download the uMobix APK file. The process is very simple and can be completed in a matter of a few minutes. To perform the installation, you will need access to the target phone, a valid subscription to this service, and internet access on the target phone. Just follow these steps to install the app and get started tracking any phone.

  1. Create your account and choose your subscription preference.
  2. Download and install the app. Open a browser and use the download link for the uMobix APK file. Install the file and wait or the process to complete.
  3. Agree to terms and conditions and enable the keylogger.
  4. Verify setup and start monitoring the phone!

How to Install uMobix on iPhone

The uMobix installation process for an iPhone is much simpler because you just need the iCloud credentials. No jailbreak is required if you have these credentials. When ready to start the process, these easy steps must be followed. You will quickly be able to install the undetectable app and begin spying on an iPhone.

  1. Complete the uMobix sign up process and selections on the device to be monitored.
  2. Enter the iCloud details to access the iPhone account.
  3. Follow the Wizard instructions to make any settings changes.
  4. Complete the installation and start tracking and monitoring using the uMobix dashboard.


uMobix Price

To use all features offered, you will not be able to use the uMobix free demo version. The uMobix free trial is designed to offer a preview of what will be available with a full-service plan. If you want to be able to spy on users and track all information, you will have to subscribe to a plan with the service. This spy app is known to offer the best prices in the industry, and you can get started at a cost as low as $11.66 per month. 

If you want a standard one-month plan, users will pay a bit more – $49.99. With three options available, you can choose a plan that will meet your needs and provide an affordable tracking solution.


uMobix Customer Service

If you have trouble with uMobix not working or have additional questions, the customer support team is available. You can connect with a professional team through live chat, a ticket support system, or phone. The support team will quickly respond to inquiries and offer assistance with any issue you are experiencing. You can also find an FAQ page on the main website that will provide additional information if you are having trouble using the app. 

Let’s summarize

Overall Verdict

9.6Expert Score

If you need to spy on an Android or iPhone and need to get information that goes beyond simple location tracking, this is a great app. You can see photos, view messages, use a streaming feature, get call logs, and so much more. As a complete spy app, uMobix delivers a functional product that can easily be installed on Android or iOS phones and immediately used to start monitoring activity.

Still have questions?


Is uMobix a scam?

This spy app is not a scam and is a reliable and useful app that can help monitor kids, track employees, and even help keep tabs on a spouse or other family member. It is a safe and trusted app that can easily be installed and used at any time.

Does it really work?

Does uMobix really work? Yes, it does. It provides up-to-date GPS locations, tracking history, monitoring of internet use and calls, and so much more. When you subscribe to a plan, you will get access to many features that can be used to keep tabs on any mobile phone user.

Is uMobix undetectable?

Yes. This app is completely undetectable. It will run in the background once installed, and the target device will not show any signs of the app being installed or operating. It is a safe way to secretly monitor any Android or iOS device and will never be detected.

Is it legit?

If you are asking, “Is uMobix legit?”, the answer is yes. This is a registered company that provides services for a fee. The products have been tested by many users, and you can find top reviews that mention the quality of features and the reliability of the app.

How much does it cost?

The cost will be the same for Android and iOS to monitor 1 device. The 1-month basic plan is $49.99, $83.97 for 3 months, and $139.92 for a year. It’s cost-effectively to buy a 12-month subscription.

Is uMobix safe to use?

You will always be secure when using this app. Is uMobix safe? It is a completely safe app to install and use, regardless of the device. The software has been tested by experts and works glitch-free when installed. 

Are there any promo codes?

At this time, there is no uMobix promo code that can be used to get a better deal. You can start with a free trial to become familiar with the features offered. The cost of the plan will be the same for an Android or iOS device but will differ depending on the subscription duration.
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