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Our review of SpyStealth will cover the tracking app’s key features in detail, along with price plans, subscriptions, and installation.

First, an overview of everything you need to know about SpyStealth before buying.

The SpyStealth app provides a modern and dynamic cellphone monitoring system. 

SpyStealth phone tracking software promises continuously updated features giving up-to-the-minute information on your target device. Suitable for iPhone and Android, the phone tracking software can monitor up to 5 devices. Installing SpyStealth for Windows on your main family computer is also an option.

The app has a 3-tier price plan for 1, 3, or 12 months offering short and long-term finance options matched to what you can afford.

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General Information

Key Features: The spying app has a wealth of features to ensure you get the most out of your cell phone monitoring experience. The main features include GPS tracking; calls, messages, and email monitoring; access to photo and video streams, and internet browsing and tracking. Custom alerts will make sure you don’t miss out on essential information.

Compatibility: SpyStealth is compatible with all Android and iOS devices and is constantly updated to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date monitoring system.

Price: Three price plans are available for 1 month/$49.99, 3 months/$27.99 totaling $83.97, or 12 months/$11.66 totaling $139.92.

Free Trial: There is no free SpyStealth trial; however, lower monthly rates are available for a more extended subscription.


What Is the SpyStealth Phone Tracking Software?                                                                             

SpyStealth is a cellphone and tablet tracking app that enables you to monitor the online activities and location of a child, employee, or another individual. 

This app provides insight into what the target person does online and on their device in real-time. You can use the application to monitor the target person’s messages, browser history, app usage, and call logs. The best thing about the app is that it’s undetectable after installing it on the target device. Its accurate reports and easy-to-use interface facilitate seamless tracking of the target device.


SpyStealth App Compatibility

SpyStealth is compatible with Android and iOS devices, including most smartphones and tablets. The main website provides a comprehensive list of all devices compatible with the app, including the makes and models of phones and carriers. 

Please, note:

  • Your target device must have unrestricted access to the internet either through WiFi or the service carrier.
  • An iOS device must be jailbroken before installing SpyStealth; otherwise, you will not be able to download and install the app unless you know the person’s iCloud credentials.

How it works

How SpyStealth Works

Before SpyStealth can collect data, you will need to complete two initial steps.

  • Register for free with your email, then set up a payment plan for your online account.
  • Install the app on the device for tracking at an opportune moment. 

Once setup is complete, SpyStealth will track and collect data from the cellphone and, at regular intervals, transfer it to your personal online account. 

Log in to your online SpyStealth account from anywhere in the world, and the LIVE Control Panel will display the data remotely.


Features Available With SpyStealth

Keep your loved ones safe and your employees on task with the many SpyStealth premium tracking features enabling maximum monitoring capabilities on your target device.

Communication Logs

  • SpyStealth will monitor and send data on all communications, including texts and emails sent and received and social media messaging apps
  • Your online Control Panel will display contacts’ details, date and time stamps, and the type of messaging system. 
  • The most popular social networking apps are included in the SpyStealth package. Email accounts and activities are monitored in the same way. 
  • The app’s superior tracking tools will monitor all social media activities on commonly used social media sites: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Turn your target device into a SpyStealth Snapchat tracker app and a SpyStealth Facebook spying app and view all comments, posts, pictures, and media.
  • See your target user’s contacts by name and contact details, and find out who their most frequent callers are. Incoming and outgoing calls, duration, and frequency are all listed in SpyStealth’s call logs.

GPS Locations

  • GPS tracks the location of your target device and logs their previous locations along with times and dates
  • See their location on a map in real-time via your online control panel
  • Send out an SMS location request and receive a return message with a link to their location on a map
  • Geofencing enables you to create a virtual boundary for areas your target user shouldn’t be accessing. Receive an alert if this boundary is crossed!


  • Track all your target user’s online activities. What websites have they visited? Which URLs are most frequently visited? What sites are bookmarked? You can now have answers to all these questions by logging into your SpyStealth online control panel and looking at the tracking results.

Media Files

  • View all media files stored on the target device, including images and videos. Monitor what is being posted to their social media accounts.


  • Customize your SpyStealth apps to activate an alert when certain boundaries are compromised. For example, you may decide to receive notifications when your target user calls a pre-selected contact or accesses a forbidden area. You have control, it’s up to you.

Pros & Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of SpyStealth

  • A 3-tier payment plan to suit all pockets and purposes.
  • Free registration and easy-to-follow installation instructions.
  • GPS location tracking so you always know where they are.
  • Customizable alerts so you have control of what’s important to you.
  • Track the people your child/employee has in their contact lists, how often they call them, and for how long.
  • Jailbreak of iOS devices is necessary to install SpyStealth on iPhones. Jailbreaking is the user’s responsibility. However, you can install the app remotely by using the person’s iCloud credentials.
  • You will need physical access to your target device to install SpyStealth for Android.

App installation

How to Install SpyStealth for iPhone and Android

Find out how to install SpyStealth for iPhone and Android in just a few simple steps. 

  1. Visit the SpyStealth home page and create an account. Registration is free and requires just an email address. 
  2. Once you have set up your account, select your preferred price plan from the three available options.
  3. You will receive installation instructions using the email address with which you registered your account.
  4. You will need physical access to the target device to proceed.
  5. Choose an appropriate moment to download the SpyStealth APK file and install it on the target device. 
  6. SpyStealth for iPhone requires the target iOS device to be jailbroken before installation.
  7. Access your online Control Panel, where all the tracked information is stored, and start monitoring!


SpyStealth Price

The SpyStealth premium app is available at a price to suit all financial needs. Choose from 3 subscription packages offering all features for different lengths of time; however, the longer subscriptions provide better value for money. Sign up for one of the following options.

  • 1 month = $49.99
  • 3 months = $27.99 per month
  • 12 months = $11.66 per month

You can choose to extend your subscription or end your payment contract at the end of your subscription period.

Remember, the SpyStealth pro team is available to assist and answer any questions you might have.


Customer Support

The team behind the SpyStealth premium cellphone monitoring app promises exemplary customer service. They offer 24/7 support, including email – [email protected] – and ‘submit form’ options. Once you have created an account, you have full access to their online chat service.

SpyStealth reviews are positive about the team’s customer support services complimenting the ‘great product support’ and ‘great chat support.’

Let’s summarize

Final Verdict

8.2Expert Score

Whatever your reason for purchasing, the SpyStealth device monitoring app offers a comprehensive monitoring service at an affordable price. Install the SpyStealth app for immediate access to an impressive range of features and all the information you need at your fingertips via the online user dashboard.

Still have questions?


Is SpyStealth safe?

Yes, SpyStealth is 100% safe. SpyStealth is a registered company with good reviews. All data is 100% secure, and provided you keep your login details private, all information tracked and stored by the SpyStealth app can only be seen by the account holder – you.

Can I download SpyStealth free?

You can download SpyStealth free from the app store; however, before installation and use, you will need to register, select a payment plan, and enter your card details. Once you have paid, choose a good time to download SpyStealth APK onto your target device and begin monitoring!
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Cheryl Bourassa

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