How to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Location for Free

Even being in an ideal relationship, as it may seem from the outside, one of the partners may feel that they are the only one wearing their heart on their sleeve. If you decide to act on the principle of trust but verify, then you should know what options you have to track your boyfriend’s cell phone location.

Can I Track My Boyfriend’s Phone?

If you came around thinking, how can I secretly track my boyfriend’s phone, it means you’re tired of putting a positive spin on what’s going on in your relationship. Yes, girls can inspect the situation with the help of hidden apps, so they can know exactly where their sweethearts are. While you can sense lies, it’s also important to have evidence to prove their betrayal.

Ways to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Location

Luckily, there are paid and free options for monitoring mobile devices that offer more or fewer opportunities to get to the bottom of the truth. However, be aware that once men step into the path of a traitor, they become very vigilant and can personally disable such free built-in services with a few clicks.

GEOfinder: Is It the Best App to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Location?

If you’re interested in accurate results but can’t access his phone to install the app, no problem – has you covered. This is the best location tracking app that will instantly show you boyfriend’s location and their movements while your identity is hidden. This is how it works: 

  1. Type their phone number and proceed with the payment.
  2. The owner of the target device receives a message similar to a system notification prompting him to follow the link. 
  3. And although it takes longer to explain in words, it only takes a couple of seconds before you see their geolocation on Google maps.
GEOfinder Location Tracking App

Since you know this person closely, it will not be difficult for you to choose from several possible message scripts to track your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing. While some providers offer to jailbreak and install heavy clients that slow down mobile phone operation, GEOfinder has its advantages.

  • It doesn’t matter what operating system the target device has.
  • It doesn’t matter if the target device uses mobile internet or Wi-Fi.
  • Forget about downloads or installations.
  • Stay put – the owner of the gadget will never know that this is your doing.
  • He needs to be convinced to follow the link.

Choosing a Free App to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone – Find My iPhone

The Find My application was conceived by Apple as an assistant for finding a lost or carelessly left device somewhere outside. Not surprisingly, many people use this tool in the family circle to play sound on an iPhone or other tagged personal item, remotely lock the device, or make its memory blank. But most importantly, this is the answer to your question, how to track my boyfriend’s iPhone location for free and determine his location. How to use:

  1. Start by creating a Family Sharing circle to share popular services like Apple Music, iTunes, or a digital photo album. 
  2. Make sure that the owner of the target device has not disabled “Share My Location” in the Privacy section (Location Services). 
  3. Click on the “People” tab in the ‌Find My‌ app and see who you can monitor.
  • A great advantage of this method is that the target device does not have to be connected to the Internet. 
  • While having a great built-in option to track your boyfriend’s phone for free, you narrow down to the location only.
  • You do not get a guarantee that your loved one will not turn off the location service at any time.

Google Find My Device: Looking into How to Track Your Boyfriend’s iPhone Location for Free

Not only Apple proponents can be caught in suspicious places – many use free apps to track boyfriend’s phone like Find My Device for Android to know where he is. This is a native device-tracking tool which does pretty much the same thing for lost devices as the iOS app does. How to use:

  1. Open the Find My Device app on any Android device or access from any available gadget. 
  2. Log into the same Google account as the target device to see the location. 
  3. Manage the phone if needed or just follow its movements. 
  • Ring the phone and find it on the map.
  • Block or delete data remotely.
  • The owner of the monitored smartphone will receive tracking notifications, which will make the monitoring process not very discreet. 
  • If the device has run out of battery or is not connected to the network, then you will only be able to see the last location caught when all conditions were met. 
  • This approach can make things more difficult for many as you need to know the username and password or share the same Google account with a partner.

Opting for a free app to track my boyfriend’s phone without him knowing might be useful, but it isn’t a silver bullet, as you can see.

SpyBubble: Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing

If you really want your spying activity be less nerve-wracking and not be making a fuss, you can look at services with premium features. Yes, they offer paid subscriptions, but what better way to track your boyfriend’s phone than a dedicated program with a vast spectrum of features? SpyBubble operates invisibly creating a minimum of hassle for the user and owner of the target device. How it works:

  1. Get started with a subscription and registration.
  2. This powerful program requires one-time access for Android or just iCloud credentials for iOS to set up.
  3. Log in to your userboard and check for regular updates.
  • The SpyBubble package includes GEOfinder, a real-time tool that lets you know where your boyfriend is or has been while you’re away.
  • 24/7 access to his whereabouts.
  • Get the deets on everything he writes about, thanks to the keylogger.
  • See all used applications per day.
  • Go over his made calls, new contacts, and deleted data.
  • Track social media, viewed content, and visited web pages.
  • No free trial.

How Convenient It Is to Track Your Boyfriend’s Cell Phone Location with Life360

Many of us would like to know exactly where our husbands, boyfriends, and other close people are in the blink of an eye – preferably, at any time of day and night. Life360 has put a lot of effort into creating a comfortable ecosystem for family members for real-time location tracking. This Android and iPhone tracking app is subscription-based for full access to all features. How it works:

  1. Scan the QR code on the website.
  2. Download the app and create an account. 
  3. Configure the app by giving all the necessary access.
  4. Invite family members by sending them codes.
  5. Create a circle and mark important places on the map.
  6. You’re good to go!
  • Life360 offers free use of features for location sharing, family members driving report, help alerts, etc.
  • It’s a great way to stay in touch with family members knowing who’s where.
  • Possibility to send SOS alert in case of emergency.
  • Get info about their route, driving speed, and other habits in one app.
  • Mainly focused on location and driving control.
  • This is not a hidden tracking app for Android or iPhone.
  • You can turn off the location when you need to not be followed.


Now that you know how to track your boyfriend’s phone, you can dispel your doubts and suspicions. Perhaps you can trust him or find out that his words are nothing but a lie. Whatever it is, monitoring apps will do all the work while you go about your business. Just choose the one that suits your needs the most.


Can I track my boyfriend’s phone location without him knowing and how?

Yes, you can track your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing by using apps that explicitly state that goal. For example, SpyBubble or GEOfinder have especially strong features for spying on his location, among other facets.

Is it legal to track someone’s location secretly?

It can be quite legal to use online tracking tools to keep tabs on kids throughout the day. However, if we talk about an adult, the user must obtain their explicit permission, preferably in writing, to monitor their location and other actions.

Can I track my boyfriend’s phone location without installing software?

You sure can. Check out solutions for iOS, such as an iPhone tracking app, which operate based on data requested from the target iCloud. If your boyfriend owns an Android device, you will have to get hold of it at least once to install the program.
Cheryl Bourassa

Cheryl Bourassa

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