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Not many people are aware that there’s an easy way to determine the location of a phone, using the phone’s GPS. This involves the use of a particular piece of software called GEOfinder app. With it, you are able to trace the exact coordinates where a phone is to be found – and, by proxy, where the phone’s owner is to be found. Read GEOfinder reviews to learn more.

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General Information

Key features: Can determine the location of any phone remotely and anonymously.

Compatibility: Works with any phone model, supports all networks.

Price: $31.99 per month

Free trial: Two-day trial for $1.00


What Is the GEOfinder App

GEOfinder is easy to use location tracking app. It works in a simple, ingenious way. You need to use a bit of subterfuge to determine a device’s location, but with GEOfinder mobi, location tracking is a breeze. Just about everyone can use it, as it’s very simple to use and requires no installation whatsoever.

You can also use it on practically all phones across all carrier networks. And, best of all, you remain completely anonymous as you’re using it. So, if you want to use a phone tracker to determine the location of a phone while you’re anonymous, then the GEOfinder app is a perfect choice.


Supported Devices

One of the best features of the GEOfinder app is that compatibility is never an issue here when it comes to location tracking. You read that right – it makes no difference whatsoever if you’re using an Android or an iOS device to do the tracking. You can even do it from a PC or laptop.

The target device just needs to have its GPS intact, and you’re good to go. So, you won’t have to worry at all about the target device not running on a specific operating system, as GEOfinder app is compatible across all phones. Also, it is compatible with all carrier networks around the world.

How it works

How GEOfinder Works

We’ve already mentioned that the GEOfinder mobi works in an ingenious yet very simple way. Once you create an account, you are able to track location using phone number. What you can do, as the GEOfinder app’s main feature, is to send an innocuous-looking text message to the phone number of your loved one or your teenage child.

Of course, you won’t be using your own phone number to send a text message. The app will send the message from a random, unknown number on target phone. And again, the message will contain an innocuous note about the weather or traffic jams. At the end of the message, there will be a link that target phone’s owner will need to open.

This is the crucial part of using GEOfinder mobi. The target phone’s owner needs to open the link for it to work. Once the person opens the link, they inadvertently share their location with you. You get the exact coordinates of where the phone is at the moment. You also get access to the history of the phone’s location. So, by using the GEOfinder app, you are able to learn the exact location of target device – provided the target “bites” and opens the link you send.

Pros and Cons

Benefits & Drawbacks of GeoFinder Mobi

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compatible with all phones and carrier networks
  • You have an opportunity to test the app for two days for just $1
  • You’ll remain completely anonymous
  • You are able to see the past locations of your target phone
  • At $31.99 per month, it’s a bit pricey
  • The trial lasts a very short time
  • You can only send a message once every three hours

App installation

How to Create Account

One of the main things that you need to do to use the GEOfinder app is to create an account first. Below you will see the exact steps you need to make to create an account and do a GEOfinder login.

  1. Visit the GEOfinder mobi website.
  2. Write the phone number you wish to track and click FIND.
  3. Write your email address in the appropriate field on the next page and click continue.
  4. Write billing details. You can use Google Pay, credit or debit cards, or Bitcoin – then click Pay.
  5. Follow through on the account-creation process by adding the additional information that’s required.

There you have it – you have now successfully created your own GEOfinder mobi account and can start using the app to your advantage.

Tracking process

How to Track Devices Remotely

Now, we’ve come to the meat of this GEOfinder review – where you’ll learn just how you can track someone’s location easily. Follow the steps below, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Log into your GEOfinder mobi account using your login credentials.
  2. Select the appropriate message you wish to send to device that you need to track. You can select one from the available messages or create your own custom message. Just make sure that the “%link%” part stays intact.
  3. Write the exact phone number of the phone you wish to trace and click SEND.

Congratulations, once you’ve gone through these steps, it means you’ve done your end of the work. The system will send the selected message. Now it’s up to the target to open the link and inadvertently share their location with you. If target person falls for it, you get the phone’s exact coordinates on the map on your GEOfinder mobi personal account. 


GEOfinder Price

You won’t be able to use the GEOfinder mobi for free, you need to pay for it. Currently, the price for using GEOfinder app for one month is $31.99.

If you pay for it, you are able to use the app unobstructed for one month. Then, depending on what you’ve selected, your license may be automatically renewed for another month for the exact same price.

Let’s not forget that you can also peruse a trial of GEOfinder mobi for just $1 – and for two days. Remember that, after the trial, your subscription will automatically be renewed for a full month under the $31.99 price if you fail to unsubscribe from GEOfinder mobi in time.


Customer Support

If you have any questions whatsoever about the GEOfinder app, you can most certainly contact customer support. The only way in which you can do this is by using the instant chat feature you can access once you’ve logged into your account. You need to write some details regarding your account and then write your question. The GEOfinder app customer support team will be quick to answer, and the support agents will give you all the answers you need.

Let’s summarize

Final Verdict About GEOfinder Mobi

9.4Expert Score

If you want to track someone’s location easily, without revealing your identity, then GEOfinder is the perfect phone tracker app without permission to use for this purpose. It’s easy and convenient to use – and just about everyone can use it. The price is a bit steep, considering that this app only has one feature, but depending on what you need it for, the GEOfinder app may end up being extremely useful to you.

Still have questions?


Does GEOfinder really work?

Yes, GEOfinder can help you find the exact location of a person’s phone. It could be your significant other or your children. GEOfinder is quite effective at what it sets out to do, and you will get the exact coordinates of the tracked phone in no time.

Is GEOfinder safe?

There have been no known instances of security breaches regarding the use of the GEOfinder app. With its use, you can safely determine the target phone’s location without risking the security of either the tracker or the tracked person. So, GEOfinder is completely safe and secure to use.

Can I track someone’s location with a phone number only?

Yes, this is the gist of what the GEOfinder app is all about. You will only need to write the phone number in the appropriate field and let the app do the rest. The tracked phone will receive an SMS message with a link. If the target follows the link, they will share the phone’s location with you.

Is it possible to install GEOfinder without access to the target device?

Yes, of course. You don’t even need to have access to the target device for GEOfinder to work. The app will send an SMS message to the target phone – and the target person will need to open the link in the message. If they do this, you will be able to trace the phone from then on.

Is GEOfinder a scam?

No, GEOfinder is a legit piece of software you can use to track a person’s phone. GEOfinder will give you the exact coordinates of the phone once the target person opens the link from the text message. If you pay to use the app on the official website, you will not get scammed.

Can I track someone’s location with GEOfinder free?

The GEOfinder free version is actually a trial that you can acquire for 2 days. You will need to pay $1 for it, though, which, considering what you get, is a fair price. Feel free to use the trial version for however many times it’s possible during the allotted time. After the trial ends, you will need to purchase the full version of the GEOfinder app to continue using it.
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