How to Track an iPhone Without iCloud

If you misplace or lose your Apple device with Find My iPhone feature turned on, you may want to know how to find iPhone without iCloud. Find My iPhone can only work if you had turned it on before losing the phone. But this doesn’t mean you can’t find the device if you lose it with Find My iPhone turned off.

How to Secretly Track an iPhone Without iCloud

Losing your iPhone when you have not updated your iCloud or can’t recall your account’s login details can be a nightmare. Your device has vital information that somebody can use against you. That’s why you don’t want to imagine losing your device. But if you lose your device, you can use these techniques to find iPhone without iCloud.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone can help you know your iPhone location even without iCloud. This tracking app for iPhone is the go-to option for most people after losing their devices. It tracks an iPhone’s location using GPS from a different device. If you have installed Find My iPhone on multiple devices, you don’t have to log in to an iCloud account to track the iPhone.

But if you want to track an iPhone location without iCloud from a co-worker’s or friend’s device, you must log in to your iCloud account with your Apple password and ID. After logging in, you will see the lost device on the Map because its built-in GPS tracks its real-time movements.

Find My iPhone Location Tracking App

Google Maps Timeline

Google gathers your iPhone location information and updates the Map with it. If you had enabled location service and installed Google Map on your iPhone before losing it, Google Maps may help you track iPhone without iCloud. Here’s how to track your lost iPhone using Google Maps.

  • Navigate to Google Map Timeline and select the date or last location when your device went missing.
  • Google Map will display the device’s last location. Also, it will give you the option to make your device produce a sound if it’s turned on.

This method should help you remember the last thing you did with your iPhone and probably trace it.

Google Maps Timeline

IMEI Number – Track an iPhone Without iCloud or App

You can use the IMEI number to track an iPhone without iCloud or app. The IMEI number is the unique 15-digit code of the iOS device. If you had not written it somewhere, you could access it using the code *#606#. But if somebody steals your device or you lose it, checking the original iPhone package box is the best way to access its IMEI code.

Some websites allow visitors to locate their devices with the IMEI number. Thus, you provide the iPhone’s IMEI number on the website, and it helps you track an iPhone without iCloud. Additionally, you can contact your network service provider to track your iPhone with the IMEI. The police can also help you find your device using the IMEI number.


GEOfinder iphone trcking app

GEOfinder is an online app that can track someone’s iPhone without iCloud. This phone number tracker lets you identify a device’s precise location regardless of its network. With this application, you enter the device’s phone number and select the text to send. The GEOfinder app sends the pre-written SMS though you can edit it. The text message has a clickable link that prompts the target person to click on it. Once the person with the device clicks it, your GEOfinder account receives their location details. That way, you can track the device remotely. However, the person with the iPhone must click on the link for the service to track their location.

Dropbox Camera Upload – A Secret Way to Find iPhone Without iCloud 

Maybe you want to track an iPhone without iCloud because somebody stole it and put it on airplane mode. Perhaps, the thief has removed the SIM before you trace it. In that case, you can see the person who has your phone. However, this can only work if you have installed Dropbox on the device and use it to save your photos.

With this option, the pictures you take with the iPhone go to Dropbox. Therefore, if the thief takes photos with your iPhone, you will see them because they will go to Dropbox. Thus, you can use the pictures to catch the thief.  

Apple Watch – How to Find iPhone Without iCloud

Apple Watch can also help you track an iPhone without iCloud credentials. With Apple Watch, you don’t require iCloud access to track your lost iPhone. As long as the two devices are close, they maintain a connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

To track an iPhone without iCloud information, go to the home screen of your Apple Watch and swipe up to see the Control Center. Here, the device should reveal that your iPhone has a connection with a green phone icon or green text. Tap the Pinging iPhone icon. The iPhone will produce a sound that will help you trace it.


Nobody wants to imagine losing their iPhone with the vital information in it. Even worse is losing your precious device and can’t recall the iCloud login details. But if this happens, don’t lose hope of finding it. The current era undoubtedly experiences continuous technological development. 

Today, you don’t necessarily require iCloud details to track someone’s iPhone. You can use Google Map or the device’s IMEI number to trace it. Also, you can trace your missing device even if you had not installed a third-party tracking application before losing it. So, don’t let a misplaced iPhone stress or frustrate you. Instead, use any of the methods discussed in this article to trace it.

Cheryl Bourassa

Cheryl Bourassa

Cheryl Bourassa is a top-tier specialist with in-depth knowledge of spy practices and methods. She’s been active in the tracking field for a decade. Cheryl is a successful tracking consultant who provides services to dozens of high-level clients worldwide that need world-class tracking services.

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