Best Location Tracking Apps for iPhone and Android

Best Location Tracking App

Many parents concerned about their kids’ whereabouts look for the best location tracking app to help them keep tabs on their loved ones. The outside world is undoubtedly changing, and safety for loved ones is of utmost importance. 

People worry when they can’t reach their loved ones, especially children and women, via phone calls. Therefore, alternative ways to trace close ones when they don’t answer phone calls or reply to text messages become necessary. And that’s where the mobile phone apps that facilitate tracking device remotely, even without the target person knowing, come in handy.

How Does Location Tracking App Work?

The working principle of location tracking apps is simple. You must install the application on the target device and then use your phone, computer, or tablet to access the person’s GPS location data remotely. Upon installation and configuration, the app displays the GPS location data on a map you can see on your device. Essentially, the GPS tracking app works so that it uses the GPS location details to pinpoint the target device’s exact location. With this data, you can seamlessly know where your loved ones are at any given time.

Perhaps, the best part is that these apps work in stealth mode. That means your target person won’t know that you’re tracking them. The app icon is usually hidden on the target device so that the person you’re tracing doesn’t suspect anything. And this is essential, especially when you don’t want to lose your teen’s trust. The app allows you to monitor their location and even activity on the device anytime, anywhere.

Top 10 Location Tracking Apps 

The current market has many mobile phone location tracking apps. However, you can’t trust all of them. Some phone tracker apps are pure scams, while others don’t work as advertised. So, before you sign up and download any cell phone location tracker, you must do due diligence to ensure that you’re getting a reliable app. Here’s a list of the best live location tracking apps for Android and iOS devices.

1. GEOfinder: Real-Time Location Tracking App That Uses a Phone Number

GEOfinder is an app for tracking people’s location with their phone numbers. It uses GPS and GSM technology to track cell phones. And you don’t have to download and install the app to use it. Once you sign up and pay for the subscription, you can locate the target person by entering their phone number in a search box and following simple instructions.


  • It works on all mobile brands
  • It supports all mobile networks
  • It tracks somebody without permission
  • It doesn’t require any installation
  • Easy to use
  • It facilitates accurate location tracking
  • Physical access to the target device is not necessary
  • It reveals the location history of the target person
  • It doesn’t require rooting
  • One price plan for one feature
  • Users can send one text message only in three hours
  • It can be expensive for some people

2. FamiSafe – The Best Location Tracking App for iPhones and Android Devices

FamiSafe is an iPhone and Android location tracking app that uses state-of-the-art technology to track the target people’s location and provides real-time data on their whereabouts. It provides a user-friendly and reliable way to trace the target person and find their location history, anytime, anywhere. 

Also, this app’s geofencing feature enables you to set up a specific area and receive an instant notification when they leave or arrive in it. FamiSafe is an ideal location tracker for children and aged people with memory problems. Thus, you can use it as a parental control app to help you keep your loved ones safe.


  • Geofencing for creating a secure perimeter
  • Historical and real-time location tracking
  • Blocking and monitoring all apps on the Android device
  • Controlling and tracking the screen time
  • Monitoring and tracking everything remotely
  • A straightforward user interface
  • No need to root the Android device
  • It doesn’t monitor the phone’s activity

3. Life360 – The Best Free Location Tracking App

Life360 is your best option if you need a free app for location tracking. It’s reliable and user-friendly, allowing you to trace someone without permission. The app provides an intelligent and easy way to monitor the target person’s location and information about their real-time whereabouts. Also, Life360 facilitates in-app messaging and cross-platform location sharing features. And this allows you to turn the sharing feature off if you don’t want to disclose your location.


  • It allows you to create Circles or private groups
  • The real-time Circle members’ location
  • It enables you to track a stolen or lost phone quickly
  • Quick connection to a representative
  • It works with iPhone and Android devices
  • It provides the target person’s real-time location
  • It allows location sharing across platforms
  • You can turn the location sharing feature off anytime, anywhere
  • In-app message sharing facilitates family communications
  • Some users have reported accuracy issues

4. SpyStealth – A GPS Tracking App for iPhone and Android Devices

SpyStealth is a robust Android and iPhone GPS tracking app that allows you to trace a person without permission. Once you set up this app, you can track your loved one’s current location anytime, anywhere. The app provides details of the target person’s real-time location and movements. Using this app on iOS devices requires their iCloud password and user name. However, you can use it to locate the target person’s Android device without rooting it. SpyStealth is a safe and light location tracker with accurate and fast performance.


  • Contacts, messengers, Gmail, photos, and social media monitoring
  • Geofencing, profanity, and contact alerts
  • Live control panel showing the user’s real-time activity
  • Monitoring up to five devices
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Remote app blocking
  • Monitoring the target person’s internet activities
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Easy photo access
  • It shows a few instability signs
  • Installation issues for some operating systems

5. Google Maps – Free Smartphone Location Tracking App

Google Maps is perhaps the best location tracking app for smartphones. It is pre-installed on almost every Android phone and is available for download on the App Store. It uses GPS to track the target person’s real-time location and provides accurate results. This app can share your location with contacts, including your loved ones. Google Maps is an easy-to-use app with options for customizing your real-time device tracking requirements.

Additionally, Google Maps record past locations and displays them on the timeline. Also, you can manage your sharing options. For instance, the device owner can choose the people to see their duration and location. Perhaps, these features make it an ideal location tracking app for Android and iPhone devices.


  • Real-time and precise location sharing
  • You can choose the users with whom to share duration and location
  • It’s a free GPS tracking app for iPhone and Android devices
  • It keeps the history of past locations
  • You can choose the duration for your location sharing
  • It maintains location history’s timeline
  • It supports Android and iOS devices
  • Location sharing is highly accurate
  • Sometimes, the durations are inaccurate
  • Limited activity tracking features

6. iSharing – Best Android and iOS Location Tracking App for Families

iSharing is an excellent app for tracking phone location using a GPS tracker. This app has functionalities that provide users with an extra security layer and peace of mind. Once you set up this location monitoring app, you’ll have no reason to worry about your loved one’s safety persistently. It allows you to track the target person in real-time while alerting you when they leave or arrive at a specific destination. Also, you receive alerts when the target person is nearby and panic alerts when necessary.


  • It sends panic alerts
  • Sending automatic alerts when the target person is nearby
  • Real-time tracking
  • It can track a stolen or lost phone
  • It allows you to review the location history of the target person
  • It shows the target device’s battery status
  • It has an easy-to-use and clean user-interface
  • It provides summary graphs that display the target person’s driving habits
  • The free version has the essential features
  • It supports Android and iPhone devices
  • It provides the target person’s location history
  • In-app purchases

7. Find My iPhone – Effective Smartphone Location Tracking App

As the name suggests, Find My iPhone is an iPhone location tracking app. It provides real-time location details for a lost device. All iOS devices come with this app pre-installed on them. Apart from helping you track your iPhone when you lose it, this iPhone tracking app can help you keep tabs on your loved one’s whereabouts upon sharing it.


  • Location sharing via iMessage or the app
  • Tracking iPad location and other Apple devices
  • Remote and instant locking your device
  • Erasing data on the device if necessary
  • Provides the missing Apple device’s location
  • It locates the device even without an internet connection
  • Easy location sharing with family and friends
  • You can use it on several Apple devices
  • It does not track app activity
  • It has limited features

8. FollowMee – A Secret Location Tracking App

FollowMee is the best app for location tracking without the target person’s permission. This tracker app converts a smartphone into a real-time GPS tracking device, works with almost all smartphones, and tracks the target device’s location from the FollowMee website. Apart from multiple devices’ integration, this app has numerous features. Thus, you can use one account to monitor various devices’ locations anytime and anywhere. Additionally, FollowMee works even with poor internet connectivity. That means it can store the target’s data even when their device is offline and update the maps instantly once their network is back.


  • It works without internet connectivity
  • It can track multiple devices simultaneously
  • It allows you to track location via website
  • Complete data privacy
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • Real-time tracking
  • It provides location history
  • It provides emergency support and in-app chat
  • No geolocation fencing

9. Family Locator – The Best App for Keeping Tabs on Family Members

Family Locator is a real-time location tracking app that works like a silent guardian over children and other family members when they aren’t around. It sends live notifications when the target person arrives at their destination while facilitating location sharing on a family map. Family Locator is free, and it checks location history. Also, it records statistics that can help you locate a lost device. Additionally, you can set zones in the user maps to receive alerts about them. Thus, this app is ideal for people that want to track their family members’ and kids’ real-time locations.


  • It allows you to create private groups
  • It tracks lost or stolen devices
  • You can initiate tracking based on zones
  • It notifies you when the target person reaches a destination
  • Location history of up to seven days
  • In-app chat support
  • Excellent user interface
  • Expensive weekly plat at $14.99

10. TrackView – The Best Employees’ Location Tracking App

TrackView location tracker enables you to locate the target device in real-time. It’s a cross-platform app that connects to smartphones and computers. This app allows you to monitor the target person’s details, including their location. Many people use it to monitor and protect mobile devices via video and GPS. Also, parents use it to track their kids’ whereabouts and what they do on their phones.


  • Real-time device tracking
  • Web-based interface that allows remote access
  • Geofencing
  • Incognito mode
  • Social media access
  • Instant alerts
  • IP camera
  • It links different mobile devices and computers using a Google account
  • It plays sound on mobile devices remotely if you misplace them
  • It records live video and audio feeds
  • Frequent and annoying adds
How to Choose the Best App for Tracking Phone Location
At this point, you’re not asking, what is the best location tracking app? However, you want to know how to pick the most appropriate phone tracker app. Here’s a step-by-step guide for choosing a phone location app.
Define your tracking needs
Know the phone tracker’s purpose because each app has distinct features and functionalities.
Check the supported operating systems
Check the app’s compatibility with your target phone’s operating system. The app you want to use must support your target phone’s OS.
Consider the ease of use
Choose a location tracking app that’s easy to install and operate.
Check the user reviews
Check what other users say about the app to know whether it is good or bad.
Compare the price
Finally, compare the prices of different apps before choosing. Pick an app that fits your budget.

How to Install a GPS Tracking App

Installing and using a hidden location tracking app is straightforward. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the official tracker app’s website to sign up and pay for the subscription. 
  2. Receive a download link. 
  3. Download the app on your phone or system. 
  4. Open the app and enter your login credentials to log in. 
  5. Enter basic information about the target phone, such as the phone number, operating system, etc. 
  6. Install and configure the app on the target phone following the on-screen instructions. 
  7. Complete the installation and start tracking the target phone’s location in real-time. 


The world has many malicious people that may want to hurt your loved ones. And that’s a significant concern for parents with smartphones. For this reason, many parents use mobile phone tracking apps to monitor their kids’ movements in real-time and take appropriate actions if they suspect their loved one’s safety is at risk.

The current market has many GPS tracking apps. Therefore, selecting the best one is crucial by considering factors like your budget, the operating systems it supports, ease of use, features, functionalities, and user reviews. Once you’ve chosen the right app, install and configure it to start tracking your target person in real-time.


Can I track a location history?

Yes. You might not check the location tracker more often if you’re a busy person. Therefore, you need an app that tracks location history. Luckily, most phone tracking apps allow you to track your target’s location history. However, not all apps have this functionality. Therefore, check whether the app you want to use will enable you to track location history before signing up.

Which app is best for location tracking?

With so many mobile tracker apps on the market, it’s easy to pause and ask which app is best for location tracking. Generally, no single location tracker suits everyone. That’s because users have varying location tracking needs. Also, different apps have variable features and functionalities. So, you should choose an app that best meets your needs.

Is it possible to track iPad location?

Yes. You can track an iPad location and other Apple devices. However, you require a location tracker compatible with the iPad’s operating system. That’s because not all location tracker apps support all operating systems for modern iPads. And most tracking app providers specify the operating systems their tracking apps support.

Can I track phone location without internet?

Some tracker apps may record phone activity data without an internet connection. However, they require an internet connection to update the user on the target device’s location remotely. Therefore, it’s impossible to track phone location without an internet connection. They require an active internet connection to send and receive data.

What is the best GPS tracking app for iPhone?

When faced with so many options, you can easily ask, what is the best GPS tracking app for iPhone? The answer depends on your needs. Several GPS trackers are available, each with its own set of features. Some apps are better for tracking purposes, while others focus more on navigation. The best app for you will depend on your specific needs.

Can I track cell phone location without access to the device?

Yes. For instance, with GEOfinder, you don’t need physical access to the phone to track its location; all you need is to know the person’s phone number. However, most other apps require one-time physical access to your target device to install a tracking app. Once you install it, you can track the device’s location without physically accessing it. That’s because the app allows you to monitor and track the target device remotely from online userspace.

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