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There are many reasons someone would want to invest in TheOneSpy tracking app. There are so many distractions online, which can lead to unproductivity at work, so for employers, it is a great tool to manage activity at work. For parents worried about their children being exposed to predators and unsafe content online, monitoring their child’s smartphone activities can be quite beneficial as well. 

If you have never heard of this app, you won’t be familiar with the features and benefits you can take advantage of by using it. So in this TheOneSpy review, we will look at its features and benefits, compatibility, and how to install it. The app has over 250 features and is perfect for monitoring everything happening on a specific phone. It is compatible with multiple platforms, and the interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Let’s jump right in.

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General Information

Key Features: Call logs, live screen recording, live listening, notifications and alerts, keylogging, restricting calls, monitoring social media, recording calls, GPS tracking, viewing media, etc.

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows.

Price: From $6.25 per month for Android, from $10 per month for iOS or macOS, from $40 for Windows.

Free Trial: There is no free trial available, only a live demo.


What Is TheOneSpy App?

TheOneSpy app can be used to monitor various activities on the target phone remotely and anonymously. Users can track conversations of their children, spouses, or colleagues on apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, etc., monitor their phone calls, restrict websites they visit, find out the target’s passwords, record ambient sound, and much more. Location tracking is also available, so now you can be sure of the increased security of your loved ones by knowing their whereabouts.

Of all the tools designed for monitoring smartphone activity, this app is one of the most popular due to its wide variety of available features. Utilizing TheOneSpy app allows tracking many things to ensure the phone is being used properly and safely. 

The information gathered is dispatched to a convenient online dashboard that can be accessed from any device. With a few clicks, it is possible to view everything you need.


TheOneSpy App Compatibility

The great thing about this phone tracker app is that it is compatible with mostly used platforms. Whether you’re working with a smartphone platform (Android or iOS) or a desktop one (TheOneSpy console for Windows or Mac), you’ll be able to use it easily. However, it is primarily used on smartphones.

As long as the Android model utilizes Android 5 or higher, this software runs smoothly. Whether your Android is rooted or non-rooted, TheOneSpy app will still work perfectly. It is best if you have a rooted option as it gives you more features, but it is still usable if you don’t. In regards to an iOS device, it works fine with models starting from iOS 11. Whether you want to track iPhone, iPad, or iPod, the app will come in handy.

How it works

How TheOneSpy Works 

If you’re looking into using TheOneSpy app, it’s best if you understand its working principle. 

Compatibility-wise, as we said above, it’s compatible with various platforms, which means it is versatile. Before taking advantage of any of the features discussed in the next section, you’ll need to install the software on the smartphone you want to monitor. 

First, you have to carry out a free download of TheOneSpy app onto that smartphone. It will collect all data and store it in the cloud storage affiliated with TheOneSpy dashboard. It runs stealthily, so the person targeted won’t find out about your supervision.

The final step is to log into TheOneSpy app to pull up all the details downloaded from the smartphone daily.


TheOneSpy Tracking App Features

With so many features on offer, it would take forever to discuss each one in-depth, but we’re going to look at the main ones that play a significant role in the popularity of this app.


You’ll see a section called logs when you look at the dashboard of TheOneSpy tracking app. This feature allows you to look at all incoming and outgoing calls, including the deleted ones. It also stores the texts and messages sent via social media platforms. This allows you to be up to date on who the person using the phone has been contacting and what the content of the messages is.

Camera Bugging

Along with tracking the contacts that the person is communicating with, TheOneSpy app also allows to track the phone itself. The bugging feature allows you to hack into the cell phone and utilize the camera and microphone to see where the phone is and listen in to the ambient sound. 

Control over this will also allow you to record video and sound as long as the cell phone has an Internet connection. You will be able to set the audio recording time and then check it out in your dashboard. 

When it comes to the camera, it can be used to take live footage from both the front and rear cameras. There is a slight lag in the recording, but it will be automatically uploaded to your dashboard.

Live Screen Recording

Another pretty popular feature of TheOneSpy tracking app is live screen recording. It allows to record the phone’s screen at set time intervals and upload them to your account. This enables you to see what the person is doing on the phone. Once the clips have been taken, they are uploaded to a convenient dashboard for viewing. 

Notifications and Alerts

TheOneSpy app enables you to get instant alerts whenever the person leaves the borders of a geofences zone or changes a SIM card. If your target person loses a phone or it gets stolen, you can immediately reveal it and take action immediately.


Tracking keystrokes is beneficial to keeping the phone user safe and ensuring they are using the technology properly. A key log feature allows you to record the keystrokes to see everything typed via the keyboard – view the person’s passwords, secret conversations, deleted texts, etc. – you name it.

TheOneSpy tracking app takes very little time to sync with the phone, provided it is connected to the Internet.

Pros and Cons

Benefits & Drawbacks of TheOneSpy

When looking at any app or technology to be used, you want to find out whether it’s worth the time and money. So, to help you know whether this app is the right one for you, we have taken a look at a few of the pros and cons that are vital to understanding it:

  • Great app for concerned parents or employers
  • Easy installation
  • Simple-to-use interface
  • Plenty of features
  • Rooted and unrooted devices supported
  • Real-time tracking
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • No free trial
  • 1 subscription – 1 device to be monitored

App Installation

TheOneSpy App Installation Process

Before installing the software on the target phone, you must first buy TheOneSpy subscription.

  1. Click on Buy Now on the app’s website. 
  2. Choose the operating system and proceed.
  3. Enter the billing information and proceed. 
  4. Receive the email with further instructions.

Then, you need to have the phone in hand to begin the installation process. You can download TheOneSpy apk for Android or iOS devices.

How to Install TheOneSpy Tracking App on Android 

Installing TheOneSpy app for Android is very easy:

  1. Take the target Android device and open any browser.
  2. Follow a URL that you received in the confirmation email after paying for the subscription and tap enter.
  3. Download the TOS download.apk.
  4. Type in the activation key.
  5. Installation is complete.
  6. Finalize TheOneSPy login on the website and go to your dashboard to check out all the details.

How to Install TheOneSpy Tracking App on iPhone 

TheOneSpy for iPhone installation starts by downloading and installing it on the targeted device. 

  1. Log into your TheOneSpy account on your device using the login TheOneSpy details you got in the email.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up the software on the device. You will also get a quick video tutorial that guides you through the installation procedure.


TheOneSpy Cost 

This app is not free, though it gives you a free demo. You might want to know a couple of things regarding the packages and pricing. 

PeriodAndroidiPhone and MacWindows
1 month$25$55$40
3 months$45$105$60
6 months$38$125$80
12 months$75$165$110

As you can see, the pricing is very affordable and worth it if you are running a business and want to monitor your employees or if you are a worried parent wanting to ensure your child’s safety.


Customer Support 

When it comes to customer support, when you read TheOneSpy reviews, you’ll see that the customer service available through the app is responsive and reliable. Not only do they offer Technical Support but sales support as well. 

The sales support is available around the clock every day of the year. The Technical Support is only available from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday (except for public holidays). You can also drop an email at [email protected]

Let’s summarize

Final Verdict 

8Expert Score

Looking at the tool overall, it is clear that it offers many great features. It has more than most other spyware options available to track cell phones. We love the fact that it is possible to access the camera on the phone to see everything around, and the keylogging feature is especially useful. We hope that our in-depth review of TheOneSpy app has helped you decide whether it is the right option for you.

Still have questions?


Does TheOneSpy really work? 

This app works perfectly based on reviews of customers. It is a convenient tool for those individuals looking for ways to track the activities on a cell phone of interest. It is a viable spyware option that allows you to ensure the safety of your close ones.

Is TheOneSpy safe? 

The tool is designed to have spyware capabilities, so many may be worried that there is some way for it to backfire on them, causing troubles with their gadgets. TheOneSpy app is completely safe. It will not cause any issues related to phone or computer usage. It has a high-security level and does not leak any information obtained via the cell phone to any place other than the dashboard.

How much does TheOneSpy cost? 

The price depends on how long you want to utilize it. For those looking to install it for a month to monitor someone, the price starts from $25. But if you want it for the long haul, choose the package that brings the price down to $15 a month (3-month option) or $6.25 a month (12-month option) for Android. For iOS and other OS, the prices are a little bit higher.
Cheryl Bourassa

Cheryl Bourassa

Cheryl Bourassa is a top-tier specialist with in-depth knowledge of spy practices and methods. She’s been active in the tracking field for a decade. Cheryl is a successful tracking consultant who provides services to dozens of high-level clients worldwide that need world-class tracking services.

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