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SpyBubble is a cell phone spy app that lets parents monitor what their children do online and suspicious spouses monitor their partners. Modern parents allow their children to use smartphones and tablets to access the internet for educational and other purposes. While the internet has a lot of valuable information, children may be unaware or negligent of the risks they are likely to face online. For these reasons, parents need to monitor their kids’ online activity for safety purposes. This SpyBubble review explains everything you may want to know about this app before using it.

Parents are responsible for safeguarding their kids from online threats, including data theft, adult content, scams, and cyberbullying. However, tracking everything kids do online manually isn’t easy. And that’s where the SpyBubble app comes in handy.

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General Information

Key Features: Some of the critical features of this cell phone tracking app include text message monitoring, call logging and tracking, GPS tracking functions, app tracking, web browser monitoring and tracking, camera snapshotting, audio and video streaming, etc.

Compatibility: The app is compatible with Android 4.0+ and iOS 8+ devices.

Price: This phone monitoring app comes with three price plans. These are a one-month package costing $49.99/month, a 3-month package going at $27.99/month, and a 12-month package for $11.66/month.

Free Trial: This spy app doesn’t have a free trial. However, the company offers frequent discounts and promotions that you can get if you check their website frequently. Nevertheless, you can’t get SpyBubble free of charge since there is no trial version.


What Is SpyBubble?

SpyBubble is mobile device software for tracking certain activities on the target device. This application is ideal for guardians and parents who want to monitor their kids’ online activities and interactions via apps, calls, and messages. Also, you can monitor your spouse’s activities online and track their locations. This cell phone tracking app requires you to download it on the device you want to track and yours.

Upon installation, this application enables you to access the activities or content the target person engages in via their handheld device. It works with devices running on Android and iOS, and its functioning on these operating systems differs. It provides separate tabs for checking call logs, social media conversations, text messages, browser activity, and more. And this makes it an ideal parental control app because it provides the information parents want to ensure their loved one’s safety.

Additionally, this spy app uses innovative technology to update all activities to the services consistently and at short intervals. For instance, the app updates the target Android phone’s information every five minutes. For iOS, the app updates the data whenever the device takes a backup. Its easy-to-use dashboard enables you to monitor your target without them knowing after installation and setup.


SpyBubble App Compatibility

As hinted, SpyBubble software is compatible with Android 4.0 and above devices. And these include all iPads and iPhones. However, using the SpyBubble app for Android requires physical access to the target device to install and configure the app to run smoothly.

Also, the app is compatible with iOS devices. It provides a wide range of monitoring capabilities for iOS devices, including access to web browser activity, social media, calls logs, and much more. Using this cell phone tracker with an iOS device is easier because you only need the target device’s iCloud credentials. Thus, the app doesn’t require jailbreaking the iOS device if you have its iCloud credentials.

How it works

How Does SpyBubble App Work

The SpyBubble app works like most parental control apps. First, you must install this application on your device by creating an account on the provider’s website and signing in. After completing the setup, access the target Android device and install it. Sync the application on the target device to the account you created with the service provider. And this is the procedure for parents who want to use SpyBubble as an Android spy.  

You don’t have to install the application on the target device for iPhone devices. Instead, log into the iCloud account for the target device and select the device to monitor and your subscription plan. After completing the setup, you can monitor your child’s activity using the app on your device. The app enables you to monitor who your child calls, texts, the apps they use, and the websites they visit.

The app will update the information every five minutes, ensuring that the target person doesn’t hide anything from you. This app details key logs, app activities and usage, GPS location, and media content like audio and video. And it provides all this information conveniently via a well-organized interface that you can access anytime, anywhere.


SpyBubble Features

The SpyBubble app has innovative features that facilitate efficient, real-time phone tracking. Here are the key elements of this phone monitoring app.


This app has a keylogger function that allows you to track keystrokes that the target person inputs via their device’s keyboard. Since this application updates the keystrokes to its servers in real-time, the target phone user can’t hide anything from you. Additionally, the keylogging function can record specific data that a person places on the device’s clipboard. Thus, you can use the app to access the target person’s passwords and other logins conveniently. And this allows you access to your kid’s social media accounts. Also, the app provides notification alerts informing you of every activity on the target device.

App Activity

The SpyBubble application lets you determine specific things the target person does on different mobile apps in real-time. For example, this app can monitor when the target user opens Facebook. Also, it can track when the person closes this social media app, providing an estimate for their time on the platform. And this information enables you to monitor your kid’s app usage and activity conveniently.

Call Tracking

This mobile spy lets you track the incoming and outgoing calls on the target device. You can check the call duration, time, and caller data. Also, you can use it to record and record all calls to the loud and go through them conveniently. Thus, this app enables you to take the necessary actions if you notice that your kid is contacting unknown persons.

Location Tracking

Do you have difficulties finding out about your kid’s whereabouts? If so, SpyBubble iPhone spy can help you know the truth. This app enables you to find the target device’s location via GPS. And this includes viewing the device location history and real-time tracking. That means you can know where your child spends their time. And this is an excellent feature for finding a lost phone or child. It helps you track and locate its precise location.

Viewing Browser History

Apart from tracking calls, this app lets you monitor your child’s web pages and bookmarked websites. Checking the browser history will enable you to ensure that your kid doesn’t view inappropriate content or visit dangerous websites.

SMS Monitoring

Sending and receiving messages is among the most prominent communication methods for teens. This sms tracker app allows you to monitor SMS content, including sent and received texts, saved and deleted messages, and any other content sent or received via the app.

Pros & Cons

Advantages and Disadvantages of SpyBubble

This Spybubble review doesn’t aim to mention this app’s favorite parts and features only. Instead, it focuses on helping you decide whether the app is ideal for you or not. For this reason, we highlight the following pros and cons of this mobile phone monitoring app.

  • Straightforward and user-friendly interface
  • Relatively affordable
  • Quick data syncing
  • Undetectable
  • Easy to use
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Target Android device requires rooting
  • The icon shows up in Android’s app list unless in stealth mode
  • Some features work on iOS devices only
  • iPhone devices require iCloud details
  • No geo-fencing

How to install

SpyBubble Installation

SpyBubble installation is straightforward because the service provides concise guidelines. After signing up and purchasing your preferred package, you receive a verification email and detailed installation instructions.

How to Install SpyBubble for Android

Installing SpyBubble APK for Android requires you to access the device physically. Also, the target device requires an internet connection. You can install the app on the target Android device by following these steps.

  1. Visit the SpyBubble website and create a user account.
  2. Select your preferred subscription plan.
  3. Prepare the target Android device for the installation.
  4. Download and install the application.
  5. Customize the settings for the app on the device.
  6. Verify the app’s setup and start monitoring the target device.

You will receive a code during the setup process that you can click on to ensure that the app runs in stealth mode. And the installation process is straightforward, taking a few minutes.

How to Install SpyBubble on iPhone

Installing SpyBubblepro on an iPhone device is simple because you require the iCloud credentials only to access the target iPhone. Thus, you don’t need to access the target device physically to use this spy app on an iPhone. And if you have the iCloud credentials for the target device, you don’t have to jailbreak it. The process generally works as follows:

  1. Create an account and select a subscription plan
  2. Provide the target device’s iCloud details
  3. Use login SpyBubble details to sync and start monitoring your target iPhone


SpyBubble Pro Pricing

It’s easy to assume that SpyBubble Pro is an expensive app due to its innovative features. However, this isn’t the case. SpyBubble offers three pricing plans. These are a one-month full pack, a three-month full pack, and a 12-month full pack.

This app costs $49.99 monthly for a complete package, with social media, call log, and web browser monitoring features. However, you can choose a three-month subscription for iOS devices costs $27.99 per month. Perhaps, a 12-month package is the best because it costs $11.66 per month. And this is a complete pack with all the monitoring features.


Customer Support

SpyBubble Pro has an FAQ section on its website to help customers with difficulties using the app. This section addresses most challenges customers are likely to face using the app. Moreover, the “Contact Us” button enables users to get support emails for any custom question. The customer support responds fast.

Let’s summarize

Final Verdict

9.3Expert Score

Most SpyBubble Reviews give this cell phone monitoring app a positive rating. The app has unique features at a relatively lower price than its competitors. Also, it’s easy to use, and nobody has questioned its legality. Nevertheless, you can only know whether it’s suitable for you by trying it out.

Still have questions?


Is SpyBubble safe? 

Most users report that this monitoring app is safe in their reviews because it allows them options in the settings section. The application enables spouses to catch a cheater red-handed and parents to protect their children from cyberbullies, predators, and digital scammers. Also, the app runs in stealth mode, meaning the target person won’t detect that you’re monitoring them.

Does the SpyBubble app work on Samsung phones?

Samsung phones use Android operating systems. And SpyBubble is compatible with Android 4+ devices. Therefore, you can use this app to track or monitor a Samsung phone as long as it runs on the Android 4+ operating system. Follow the installation and set up a procedure to install the app on the target Samsung phone or tablet to start tracking it.

Is SpyBubble free?

No. This phone tracking app is not free. Using it requires you to sign up for an account and select your subscription plan. After that, the app will prompt you to pay for a monthly or three-month package. After picking up your subscription plan and completing the payment, you will only use the app.
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