Discover Best SMS Tracker Apps Without Touching Target Phone

Best SMS Tracking Apps

The world we live in cannot be imagined without instant written communication. It all started with SMS and MMS; now, we also share our emotions and experiences in messages on social networks, instant messengers, corporate chats, and so on. Even when we’re busy and can’t afford to be seen with a phone to our ear at work or school, SMS on cell phones comes to our rescue. 

SMS messages do not lose their relevance among the younger generation – if it is necessary for the news to reach the addressee in the absence of the Internet, for example. Therefore, it is not surprising that the option of tracking SMS on children’s devices is so relevant among parents.

Brief Info for Newbies: How Does SMS Tracker Work?

After scrolling, text messaging can probably be called the most popular gadget exploitation by modern users. While a lot of content is freely available, private messages are meant to be seen by only one pair of eyes – that’s why they’re so valuable to parents looking for ways to intercept messages, better without target phone in hand.

Reading messages on another phone is not that difficult – with the right SMS tracking app, of course. Most of them work on a subscription basis and will not empty your wallet; at the very least, you should remember that information that will help you find out whether your kid is safe is worth something. After registration, the user must build a bridge with the target device. 

If you are interested in monitoring without installing software on a target device, it better be operating on Apple iOS. In most cases, Android devices require a little tweaking. Then it’s all about technology – you just need to periodically log in and check the dashboard.

Top 10 Sms Tracking Apps for Simple Use

Many parents globally are trying to take effective measures to look after their children when they are not around. Tracking SMS messages from peers can become an additional detail built into the products that provide more comprehensive tracking of the devices of children, colleagues, and loved ones. This selection contains top-tier programs allowing you to carry out SMS tracking without access to the target phone.

1. uMobix: Best SMS Tracker App Available

uMobix is ​​a very well-thought-out product that helps users in getting to grips with the issue of monitoring Android devices and iPhones. It provides reports in a convenient form and works without compromising the productivity of the device.

When it comes to messages, this is one of the best SMS tracker apps with software that has you covered on all fronts. You can access Instagram and Facebook with all dialogs and attached contents, see sent and received SMS, as well as ALL deleted messages. In general, this is a robust solution for full access to Android devices and iOS gadgets without jailbreak.

  • Tracking messages and any other activity on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, TikTok, Snapchat
  • Time stamps and details of calls, SMS, and messages in Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Line, WeChat, and more
  • Fast data updates every 5 minutes
  • A convenient dashboard for users of any gadgets and operating systems
  • Remote install option and inconspicuous application work
  • No free trial version as of now

2. SpyBubble: Your Effective SMS Tracking App

If you’re looking for more than just an SMS tracker app but rather a market-proven tool with a handful of features, SpyBubble belongs to that exclusive crowd. It supports reports with screenshots and does not disappoint those who want to see monitoring results quickly. Not only SMS but also anything written on the target device will not bypass the vigilant tool and will be delivered straight to your account using a keylogger. SpyBubble is not only about apps and text message tracking but also about managing services on a target device remotely.

  • Block receiving and sending messages, as well as certain applications or websites
  • Messages, calls, or contacts that have been deleted or changed still remain available on the dashboard
  • This secret SMS tracker allows you to see if the device holder uses dating sites
  • Audio and video streams available
  • No geofencing alerts

3. mSpy: Your Choice of Hidden SMS Tracker

If you’re constantly unsettled because of your child’s behavior and want to know what’s on their mind, then you need a cell phone SMS tracker like mSpy that lets you read, see, and monitor what they’re doing throughout the day.

It’s not that this software stands out from the rest in some way, but it is a very decent tracking option with a hidden version, catering to Android and iPhones. The user will be able to read the SMS and see who exactly their child or partner often devotes time to.

  • Offers WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat insight
  • Can record screen and work as a keylogger
  • Offers a kit customized for families
  • Allows you to see the frequency of activity in applications in the form of a graph
  • Tracks chats only in WhatsApp and as SMS spy tracker
  • Not enough insight into social media activity

4. SpyStealth: a Very Insightful SMS Tracking Software

Colleagues at work, kids and family, and lovers – all spend time texting to some extent. You can find out what they’re talking about when they think no one ever knows about it with SpyStealth’s SMS tracking software under your belt. If just SMS monitoring doesn’t work for you, this program will go above and beyond to meet your needs as a general mobile tracker.

Communication logs will always be stored for you, even if the data has been deleted from the target device. See what work or not-so topics are discussed in employees’ emails, confirmation codes from which websites come to the child’s device, and what links and news they exchange on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Besides tracking text messages on iPhone and Android, SpyStealth app is extremely good at notifications about the trespassing of the zone selected by the user, the use or receipt/sending of messages with vulgar language.

  • Informing the user about media files stored on the target device
  • Monitoring of communication logs, adding and deleting contacts
  • Call history and iMessages using SMS tracking without access to target phone
  • As it says on this SMS tracker website, the software requires a jailbreak and rooting for proper operations

5. Hoverwatch: Text Tracking App for iPhone and Not Only

Diverse features, great design, SMS tracker for PC (Windows and Mac) and Android – all these accolades go to Hoverwatch. Thus, not only the history of SMS but also messages typed in any messengers, requests on websites, etc., from the target device will be displayed in your user space.

The product boasts its keyboard logger and screenshot capture that will virtually not allow you to skip any WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, or Instagram written exchange. Webcam shots and password tracking are among the sought-after features of Hoverwatch as well. All in all, this is one of the best activity and SMS tracker software that can be used for both home and business needs.

  • Enjoy the Phone Recorder feature and have all the calls and SMS served to you on a silver platter
  • History tracker available that spies on browser activity
  • See content from the most popular social networks
  • Know exactly where the cell phone is after you login into your control panel
  • No SMS tracker for iPhone

6. FamiSafe: Is It a Free SMS Tracking App?

Children are our future, and sometimes it can take extra effort from parents to keep them safe until they are old enough to recognize virtual and real hazards. You can try FamiSafe’s free SMS tracker for a few free trial days to see how this product helps you stay close to your family members.

There are no surveys or reviews of parents who would not call SMS and call tracking an important criterion. This product, however, focuses on other features like activity reporting, app blocking, curse word detection, and website filtering.

  • Creating a positive culture of using devices
  • Restriction of the child’s involuntary access to explicit content
  • Getting access to the location in real-time
  • Cross-platform solution for iOS, Windows, Android, Google Chrome
  • SMS tracking system does not allow reading the full content of messages
  • Deleted content is not saved
  • Users remain in the dark about kids’ activities on social media, the most active communication platforms for young people

7. Spyzie Free SMS Tracker

Spending time on mobile devices can be the least of your problems if you discover that your child has been texting dubious personalities. Having free SMS tracking apps at hand can not get the full amount of information, so if you are interested in efficiency, Spyzie will cope with the task of monitoring with a bang.

SMS spying may be the first milestone, while the software allows you to monitor calls, location, and more while working in stealth mode. If you need to make sure the person isn’t lying and see if they’re getting into suspicious territory, you can set the geofence you need. If you want to go through their text messages on iPhone or Android, you can do it by seeing all the highlights from their Snapchat, Instagram, and Viber.

  • See frequently visited websites and bookmarks
  • Receive instant notifications about SIM card extraction and its replacement
  • Track messages on Facebook and WhatsApp
  • No free version
  • A little fewer features compared to other SMS tracking apps in this review
  • No customer support

8. Cocospy: Best SMS Tracking App for Android Without Intervention

Cocospy may not be at the top of our review list, but it really is a decent product. It helps to distinguish between black and white and sort out trust issues. Catering to future monitoring agents (aka you) aiming for Android and iOS devices, it provides in-depth analysis of social media activity, call logs, and SMS tracking without target phone.

  • Determine the exact location of people via their devices
  • Determine the time stamps of calls and contacts
  • Send alerts if geofencing is configured
  • Use spy for iOS without jailbreak and without Android rooting for some features
  • No product for computer monitoring

9. KidsGuard Pro: Will This SMS Tracker APK Suit You?

Have all their files within your reach with just one tool. KidsGuard Pro works, among other things, as an SMS tracker online, completely undetectable and, of course, remotely.

  • Monitors Windows computers
  • Follows GPS routes and saves movement history
  • Tracks Wi-Fi Locations
  • Records calls on Android and voice memos on iOS
  • Monitoring Apple products tied to PC
  • Has restrictions on operating system versions (Android 7-12 and iOS 9.0-15)

10. XNSPY: In-House PC and iPhone App for Tracking Text Messages  

We cannot ignore the fact that mobile technologies are widely used in the learning process – until they are misused for scrolling Instagram. XNSPY offers solutions not only for the private use of the tracking app for iPhone and Android but can facilitate study hours to be more effective.

If a user wants to stay on surveillance over a private smartphone, they will be able to see text messages and chats on over 10 social networks. In addition, the app offers a notification system for people’s locations and recording surrounding sounds for Android.

  • Prevent the spread of cyberbullying within the walls of the school
  • Monitor file sharing
  • Block websites that harm children
  • Track web browsing history and bookmarks
  • No-jailbreak version offers significantly fewer monitoring services

Read our full review on XNSPY app to know more.

How to Determine the Best SMS Tracker App?

As you can see, nothing is without flaws in this world, so doing a little beforehand research might seem like a good idea. There is no best SMS tracking app for Android or iPhone that is universal for everyone, so search for the one that will suit you. 

Determine the operating system that will need to be monitored and see which features are subject to tracking there. You can contact the support service and ask about the trial period if such is not explicitly stated or see how everything is organized in the demo mode. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to install a program on an Android device to be tracked. Finally, you can partly rely on the good old SMS tracker reviews on the Internet.

Ways to Use SMS Tracker Without Touching Target Phone

If you aim to not get caught using an invisible SMS tracker, look for paid or free SMS tracker without installing on target phone. This option is possible if the data from the target device – which runs on iOS – is synchronized with the cloud service. Moreover, some applications allow you to remotely control the device.


If you don’t have the opportunity to download the phone tracker app on the target device for tracking, which many providers suggest, there is a solution. Also, users should understand that even if the installation is a more preferred option, this maneuver usually needs to be done only once, and voila – operating on a subscription or as free SMS tracking, the program will present you with first-hand information.


What is SMS tracker?

In short, this is a tool that retrieves text messages on iPhone or Android and sends them to the follower’s dashboard. This is one component of several on the target device, information about which may be periodically collected.

Does SMS tracker show deleted messages?

Yes, it is possible. For example, SMS tracker apps like uMobix or SpyBubble allow you to keep track of deleted data.

Can I track text messages by phone number?

You will need more data than a phone number to monitor messages, be it a paid or free SMS tracker for Android or iPhone. At a minimum, access to an iCloud target device.

Is it possible to use SMS tracker without phone access?

Sure thing! In any case, the user does not need to soar like a hawk over the target device. They can set up uploading data from the iPhone cloud storage without installing anything or set everything up manually on an Android gadget in a few minutes.
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